View Full Version : Ars Magica campaign Detroit / Ypsilanti area

11-12-2011, 01:17 PM
Hi. I'm wanting to run a new Ars Magica campaign. I've got a few people interested, but not enough to hit critical mass yet.

The emphasis will be on detailed, individualized characters with a mix of character and GM driven adventures.

The 4th edition core Ars Magica rulebook is available free at Steve Jackson games which should make transitioning to a new game easier for new comers. Here is the link:


The setting is Medieval Europe, but one in which magic, fay, demons, and such actually exist. Everyone plays wizards, but the magic system is so detailed that no two characters are alike.

I'm looking for an older, mature player base. There will be combat, but hopefully combat that puts the polish on a good story leading up to it. I'm hoping that given players that are really invested in their characters, and who have good imaginations, will drive the direction of the stories in interesting ways.

If any of this sounds interesting, write me and we can talk details. I know I'm picky about groups and systems, so I'm thinking of running an introductory 1-shot adventure, no strings attached. Those that like the system/group can stay for a campaign.