View Full Version : Dungeons and Dragons Encounters - Beyond the Crystal Cave

11-07-2011, 05:39 PM
Card Kingdom is hosting the next Season of D&D Encounters - Beyond the Crystal Caves.

With the previous season coming to an end and a lot of the current DMs getting a little burned out, we are looking for some steady, once-a-week DMs to come in and DM Encounters from 6:30PM to 8:30PM every Wednesday. The sessions are already mapped out and there are modules printed out for each DM. It's pretty straight-forward and simple.

So, if you are a DM, looking to DM a new season for the next couple months or if you are a player wanting to give DMing a try, let us at Card Kingdom know.

Beyond the Crystal Caves goes 14 sessions (One prelude starting December 16th, and then 13 sessions after that until February 15th when the season comes to a finale.)

DMs are given a little benefits package from both Wizards of the Coast, as well as a little something from Card Kingdom.

If you are interested in DMing, email events@cardkingdom.com for more details.

We are also looking for more players, so if you have friends that you would like to play at your table, they are more than welcome to come and play.