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11-06-2011, 10:31 AM
GI Journalist (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/member.php/12273-GI-Journalist) - Saturday 10-22-2011, 12:23 AM
"The Periphery of human inhabited space has many isolated pockets of humanity where the secrets of BattleMech construction have long been lost. Nonetheless, even in places where other industrial processes have been forgotten, noble families maintain their ancestors' war machines through human ingenuity and craftsmanship. These ancient BattleMechs are controlled by the nobility and their inner circles of knights, who use them only in the most decisive battles or as a last line of defense. The Chainelane Isles is one such region, far from the rest of the Inner Sphere, where the Succession Wars play out in miniature. The leaders of these fragmented duchies and principalities continual vie for power in a web of political intrigue. Tanks and infantry bear the brunt of the fighting, but the lack of BattleMech production capability has helped to maintain the uneasy balance of power for centuries.

Now, for the first time in ages, these would be kings have a new
source of military might. The Hansa, a league of merchants who trade
throughout the far reaches of Periphery space, is offering BattleMechs
to the highest bidders. Though they are still both rare and expensive,
a Chainelane nation-state that controls more BattleMechs than its
neighbors could easily subjugate the others. Now the Isles stand on
the brink of total war. For the first time, one of these rulers might
become more than a prince of a single fragment. An ambitious leader
might become lord of the Chainelane Isles, and the nobility is
nothing if not ambitious..."

In "Lord of the Chainelane Isles" players take control of a feudal
principality trapped in a power struggle for control of this populated pocket of civilized space. The
leader of each realm supported by his or her sworn vassals who either
control a BattleMech or have raised a company of tanks and infantry to
defend their lands. Players are encouraged to create their own
nation-state, based off of any culture they like, provided the
government is feudal in nature. Some examples of this include medieval
Europe, pre-Tokugawa Japan, or even a 1920's style Gangland (see
http://www.vlib.us/medieval/lectures/feudalism.html for a description
of how this might work)!

This campaign begins online, where players should start by naming their own duchy, principality, or
prefecture. Each player will take on the role of ruler, and should choose a
suitable name, title, and description for an individual who believes that the Chainelane Isles can be brought to heel. In addition, the ruler gets their choice of any Level 1 technology 'Mech because as Mel Brooks says, "It's good to be the king." (This may includes 3025 technology versions of Star League Mechs or Age of War designs.) Additional 'Mechs will be available to their paladins, samurai, personal guards, or made men, but the bulk of their army will consist of tanks and infantry. Therefore, players will also be choosing a mainline battle tank to be produced by their nation and may want to give some consideration to the composition of their infantry forces. Particular attention should be paid towards vehicle costs, as resources will be limited.

As you may notice, none of the systems in Chainelane Isle space are defined, so you also have the chance to name your own home world. However space is limited, so you may be confined to your own continent, until the time comes that you can evict your neighbor and take possession of the whole planet!

Each player will manage their own faction (self invented or from the list).

Current Faction List:

Kingdom of New Eyre (Carnis77)
Obinnea (Kazba)
Mistlistan (GI Journalist)
Celestial Sphere (Capellan Faction) - currently open
Draconis Shogunate (Kuritan Faction) - currently open
Sun Principality (Davion Faction) - currently open
Lyran Mercantile Society (Lyran Faction) - currently open
Free World Alliance (Marik Faction) - currently open

Or - submit a proposal for your own.

The Successor State faction names are working titles, pending their assignment to a specific player. Additional duchies and principalities can be added, but need to be posted by the end of the month so we can move on to Phase II, in which we will establish the beginning and end of diplomacy between the nations.