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QT Games
11-03-2011, 01:46 AM
Our second PbP in this epic storyline, Project: Valhalla 2 follows a team of adventurers hired to explore for clues as to what happened to the 5,000 passengers aboard the space cruiser, Valhalla, that suddenly vanished. After a brief investigation, the whole case was strangely closed. That was over 400 years ago. New evidence came to light a couple years ago and a recon team was sent through a stargate following clues, but mysteriously vanished. The megacorporation that sent in the team has since been sidelined, and now a private contractor has hired you to pick up the ball, providing you a ship for the journey and offering a good some of money to investigate. High adventure ahead!

Cosmothea is a blended-genre setting and system with high technology and magic (together on some worlds and separate on others), and depending on where you go in the galaxy, superheroes too.

This is an uber-lite rules Play by Post. We also have room in our No Turning Back PbP game for those looking for something off the beaten path, but still "mostly" fantasy genre.

We're looking for serious gamers who appreciate a stable PbP, and are seeking an ongoing, fun PbP. You can expect the PbP to be weighted toward character and story, with a light amount of combat (but there's definitely combat). Existing characters include an augment (mutant with powers) - a healer with a supernatural gift at throwing daggers and a marine. You can play almost anything. We need a couple more players to round out the team! See the OOC for the simple rules and the IC for a bit more information. More will follow in the next day or two.

Please send an email to info @ qtgames.com if you're interested or join our forum and post interest in the OOC thread.
OOC Thread (http://www.qtgames.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=512)
IC thread (http://www.qtgames.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=511)

Thanks, and hope to see you online!
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QT Games
11-05-2011, 01:49 PM
Just to clarify, you don't need to know zip about Cosmothea to play. This is an uber-lite version of the game or rather uber, uber lite - you can create a character in no time and be up 'n running.

for an exciting scifi adventure? Project: Valhalla starts off adventuring in a high tech region of space, but you can run mages, superheroes, whatever you want, joining the team going on an adventure to uncover the mystery behind the missing recon ship and missing passengers of the Valhalla. Fun stuff, I promise! And, if you'd rather dive into a fantasy adventure, we've got that covered too, with No Turning Back. Contact me via email or at the QT Games Forums for some Play by Post goodness!