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10-31-2011, 01:21 PM
This is a power that is inspired by the show Quantum Leap. In our campaign, we had two characters captured by an evil cultist ... who tatooed them with mystical tatoos. These tattoos cause the person to go on Quantum Leaps to 'put right what once went wrong'. Unlike the series, it isn't limited by the leaper's own lifespan at all, and often sends the leaper into other times or dimensions, some that have superhumans ... some that don't.

The reason the cultist was doing this was with the aim to corrupt the white magic. If the leaper was slain during their very first leap and their heart's consumed, the slayer gains a +1 CS on their psyche and becomes mystically adept. However, in both the campaigns the character was saved and now ... on the eves of the new and full moons, astral projects out of his or her body til dawn occurs. While hours pass for the leaper's body, they may experience weeks or months of adventure elsewhere/elsewhen.

They can take someone with them, and they also possess people on the adventure, by linking hands during the leaps. It is best to have the leaper restrained since the spirit of the person they are possessing will likewise possess their own body, and will awaken on a red psyche feat.

To date one leaper has had almost a hundred adventures, sometimes solo and sometimes with others. And the other leaper has had over 50. (They have the same tattoos, having survived similar experiences in two different campaigns which sometimes overlap). They've both leapt into persons in each other's dimensions.