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Brother Julianus
10-28-2011, 12:35 PM
This is a custom fantasy world of my own creation. If you like fantasy that has a realistic combat system, different races then Elves and Dwarves, love GURPS or just want to try something diffrent this may be the Game for you. Campaign details follow (based on Gurps Campaigns).

Azona is a Fantasy world like earth with 3 visible moons. The planet exsist in a two sun solar system along with 6 other planets. Many of the lands are very simular to ancient civilizations on Earth. (Sunder is very much like Rome, Krell like Europe and Beal is like Africa and Egypt). Of all the known races humans are the majority of the world, although not all lands are controlled by man. Many other races have their own nations.

Historically humans are not native to Azona but were cast downs by the Gods along with several other races. Their are native sentient races that were on Azona before the arrival of the "Fallen." They have all co-existed on Azona for thousands of years when the campaign starts.

Their are several human nations/tribes (each basically a race) they are a total of 22 offical human races. Besided humans the a player has the option of being one of 8 other races.

Azona uses both Magic and Psionic Rules

For more information please PM or email me at julian_oliver2000@live.com