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Voice of Reason
10-27-2011, 11:14 PM
This a play by post role play that revolves around a small town (at first) where a series of kidnappings have taken place. People are disappearing everyday and some are even talking about having been abducted and waking up in another location. You have two choices (for now) of either being a good guy, bad guy, or a villain. Yeah, yeah, bad guy and villain are the same thing... Not in this case. These abductions are part of an experiment and you control how involved you are in it. Are you a lab rat, scientist, or an innocent bystander? It's all up to you. As the plot develops and people start developing... Abilities things are going to go South and fast. Now choose: are you playing as the villainous scientists, the power crazed subject, or the hero who saves the day? The decision is yours to make, there are many paths but there are two definite facts, you're either human or a Factor.

This is an idea I've been working on. I'm new to the site and do not know how people particularly role play on here. I'm use to creating an introduction, supplying information, and having people send in profiles to join in on the fun. I'm confused as to where this rp should go and how I should go about running it on this website. If anyone has any advice, I need it! I've been searching for days now for an rp site to just run a simple rp but everything seems so complicated. I really want to rp with others using this idea but it's beginning to seem hopeless. If there is a site for this Kind of thing? I'll take any recommendations! Also, if you like the sound of this (yes, I know it's vague, it's that way for a reason) I'd really appreciate your imput. I really just need some help here....

10-30-2011, 03:32 PM
running a game ON this site is usually a play-by-post or chat based affair. (You probably can't see the chat yet as you do not have a high enough post count.) register your game in the game thread (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/17-Find-or-Advertise-Games-in-Your-Area), and be sure to mark if you are online play or not. If your game is play-by-post, once your game is created, you will be made a mod of your own sub-forum in the pbp section. there may be other requirements i am forgetting. it has been a while since i last created a game.