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10-27-2011, 08:05 PM
We're a group of mature (some of us with over 20 years experience) Tabletop Gamers looking for new additions to our group.

We are currently running in the Dark Future/Post Apocalyptic genre using a the Genesys RPG system. No handbook required as it is an alpha test of the game system. All you need is dice.

Synopsis: Once called the land of the free, the aftermath of the Russian-American conflict left it a wasteland. Instead of the home of the brave, it is now only referred to as the Deathlands, a shock-scape of ruined nature, a hell on earth for the few huddled survivors.

But life's raw drive made sure that enough endured, and the surviving inhabitants carried on.

A full century had passed since the sky-dark following the nukecaust, the inhabitants of the Deathlands were still only just hanging on. Infant-mortality rates were staggeringly high, in the Baronies that arose in the power vacuum. Outside those communities, in the Deathlands, life was cheap, brutal and short.

There were a few who thrived in this new environment. Tribes of American Indians believed the nukecaust was the purification of ancient prophecy, and they reclaimed their ancestral lands.

Others gained power and wealth, digging out stockpiles, discovering the surviving caches of tools, weapons and pre-dark technology left over by the government.

And then there were the hidden ones, shadowy, their existence only hinted at during the pre-dark years and dismissed as hoaxes or the imaginings of conspiracy fever and paranoia. Traces of their existence remained after sky-dark, but those few people who stumbled across them assumed they were the handiwork of whitecoats, the government scientists working on projects to safeguard America from the very holocaust that had consumed it.

Persisting over the course of post sky-dark generations, strange stories, rumors, campfire tales circulated about bizarre places buried deep in the Deathlands. Magics of the mind, alien creatures, great barriers of energy, space ships, and the boogie man, all have been claimed to be seen in this irradiated world.

Barbarism and anarchy lasted roughly 150 years, and then another change came over the irradiated wastelands.

The Baronies united, and power spread outward from their fortified ‘Villes. The Deathlands, where the exiles roamed, along with the rebels and humans so mutated they could barely be called such, were rechristened as the Outlands. Black armored Magistrates, the men in black, brutally projected the Baronies’ power into the Outlands, in the name of law and order. With superior firepower and technology, the Magistrates blindly took and killed at the Baronies’ bidding.

But some Magistrates are not so content to carry out orders without question and there is more going on than they were led to believe.

-Play as a Magistrate and uncover the conspiracy at the heart of the Baronies
-Take part in a campaign with a huge over-arcing story-line that will cross many genres and game settings before it concludes
-After the initial short Magistrate Campaign, Play as any character from any universe; subject to GM's discretion (Eberron, Cyberpunk, Classic D&D, Cthulhu, Steampunk, Etc.)
-Enjoy a lively and experienced game group
-Weekly play on Saturday evenings starting around 5 or 6 and going to midnight

Join our Meetup to get in touch with us: http://www.meetup.com/Dark-Future-Tabletop-Role-Playing/

11-01-2011, 10:36 PM
We still have two seats open!

Also there's an updated synopsis for your reading pleasure.