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10-13-2011, 03:19 PM
The Esoteric Order of Stories is a group of people dedicated to telling stories through role play.
We loosely cycle Story-Tellers (the Game Master) through ourselves, maintaining variety.
Stories typically last 1-5 sessions, resulting in an emphasis on short stories; though longer tales can be accomadated.
The Story can be of any variety, and told via any system. There are two main constraints:
The Story-Teller must sell the concept of their tale to us all, and no d20 based systems.

If the idea of this interests you, contact me for further integration:

10-17-2011, 01:34 PM
The title of the first story will be "Cor's Hall", and it will be told via the FATE 3.0 system, specifically, the Dresden Files variant.
The date will be October, 198x, and the setting will be a small town on the coast of Oregon.
Much of the further information will be debated upon by the group; centered around a number of aspects I will state. I find that everyone having a say in the creation of a story, everyone being a bit of a Story-Teller themselves, enormously raises the investment of all participants. There is also a very significant increase in the quality of the story, as a pool of minds tends to outstrip a single mind.

10-17-2011, 09:47 PM
Hello all. Just touching base with the group. I'm excited to be learning this new system (for me). So far it seems to be unique and well thought out. It is quickly rising on my favorites list and I've yet to play! As a long time player/gm it isn't often that i pick up a new system and immediately find several different tools to add to my toolbox. Looking forward to this experience to say the least.

10-18-2011, 06:56 PM
I highly reccomend reading the City&Character Creation sections of the Dresden Files RPG "Your Story" book. That is the sort of process we will be using. I can send you a PDF over Skype.

Here is the way Town Creation will work. Each player will pick an area of Cor's Hall (ex: School, Town Hall, Neighborhood [-ish, this is a small town on the Oregon Coast, afterall], Police Station, Docks, Hunting Lodge, Shopping Center, etc), and they will develop the area according, more or less, to the DFRPG City Creation techniques. The City Creation section of the DFRPG "Your Story" book is excellent, but it was designed for Campaigns, not Short Stories. Keep this in mind. I reccomend you tie your Locales and Character together in some way.
I, as the Story-Teller, will provide several aspects of Cor's Hall for we, as a group, to build around. This makes more sense after read about City Creation.
There are several private ideas of mine which you will have no awareness of until, well, we will see.

The initial aspects, which you will build around, are:
Threat: "Unearthed and Aware"
Theme: "Krähe und Kürbis" (German for Crow and Pumpkin, which are something of a mascot pair for the Harvestfest, occuring on October 30th. Cor's Hall was founded by Germans in 18xx.)
Theme: "Old and/or New"

Yes, the group as a whole will be making much of the town. You will be making locations and faces, but also will be debating on how you would like (ie, think would be interesting and fun) the Aspects to play out.
The Themes, in particular, are open to Player suggestion. The Threat is more definite, but there is a great deal of flexibility in how it is implemented.
For example, if we decided that we like the Undead, then I could very easily apply the Threat in such a way. The Threat is distinct a way untouchable by players, but may apply itself in some ways that the group as a whole finds interesting.
Cor's Hall is a small town, so Town Creation won't take overly long.

10-19-2011, 11:13 AM
You had me right up to when you mentioned FATE 3.0 system.

10-19-2011, 09:29 PM
I cannot think of a reason to dislike FATE. That said, the system used depends on Story-Teller preferrence. I prefer FATE. Dresden Files variant, specifically.

10-20-2011, 11:08 AM
i don't see any reason to discount a game based on system personally. learning a new system just puts ideas/tools in to your portfolio and discounting one for whatever reason gains you nothing. I personally don't like GURPS but that may be because the first and last time i played it the storyteller was a hack. that doesn't mean that if i found a sparkling idea set in Gurps that i wouldn't give it a go. What is important for the player should be story and fun. the gm/storyteller should run in whatever system they are more comfortable in or they think suits the story best. This gives them an easier time adapting the story because they know the system. as a player you need to know very little of the system at first and can learn as you go. this isn't much of an option for a story-teller in most cases.