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04-29-2007, 12:32 AM
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April 29, 2007: Frequently Asked Questions, GTS Edition (http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archives.html?m=April&y=2007&d=29)

I expect Paul will have a comprehensive report on the GAMA Trade Show sometime next week, once he recovers. In the meantime, here are the questions I got most often. And, since I don't wish to be pointlessly cruel, the answers.

How ya doing? Just fine. Selling so many Munchkin my ears are bleeding.
Get your booth set up okay? Yep. They delivered the pallet three whole hours before the show opened. It was looking perfect with five minutes to spare, easy.
What's new for Munchkin? Funny you should ask. Here's the Rigged Demo. There's the box mockup for Munchkin 5 - De-Ranged. It's at the printer now. And over here . . .
Whoa, what's this? This is the prototype for the new Munchkin boardgame. Nobody outside GTS has seen this yet. Probably next week we'll put up a web page with some pictures.
Wasn't it pointlessly cruel to tease them that way? Whoa! Breaking the fourth wall here! You didn't really ask that.
That's true. So, is there going to be a supplement to Munchkin Cthulhu? Oh, absolutely, and there's been enough interest that we're going to see if we can push up the release date. No promises, though.
How about Bavarian Fire Drill? Coming along, honest, except the Munchkin stuff keeps knocking it off the track.
And GURPS? Funny you should ask. Here's a printout of GURPS Martial Arts. All done except the last bits of art. It'll go to press soon. So when's the next Fnordcast? Next week.That's all for now. Got some pictures to take and a new web page to build . . .
-- Steve Jackson (sj@sjgames.com)