View Full Version : Looking for Players, Various Ideas

10-12-2011, 01:54 PM

I'm currently looking for a group to GM. I've got a lot of different ideas for campaigns currently, including a Pathfinder campaign (home-brew, not adventure path), A Call of Cthulhu campaign, a super heroes campaign (most likely to be done in M&M 3rd Ed.), a Deadlands story arc and several others.

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling and location, but I would prefer a group of people who enjoy gaming not only as a time to roll dice and kill monsters, but also as a social gathering, but with the emphasis on gaming. Dedication to long-running campaigns is a huge bonus, as my ideas could span many months (possibly years, depending on frequency of run).

If you're interested, please respond here or PM me regarding the concepts above. Thanks!