View Full Version : CoC in CNY?

10-07-2011, 05:13 PM
Hi all!

I've been searching for years for a regular Lovecraft-loving game/game group,
but it seems like the only game I can find people playing with any regularity in
my local area (Syracuse and vicinity, specifically) is D&D. I can't seem to
locate any folks like those I used to game with BITD - people deeply into
Lovecraft, CoC, etc. I and my fiancee are mature gamers in our mid-40's (sorry,
she's in her "early 40's!" ;)) who would love to find a group of similarly
mature folks that regularly plays CoC (classic - not D20 or ToC), Arkham Horror,
etc. and that loves all things Mythos. So I'm reaching out to any who read this

Please help us find a group with interests similar to our own!!!

If anybody's interested, shoot me an email: xfatestoyx@yahoo.com. Thanks!