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10-06-2011, 09:19 PM
I am an experienced D&D 4e DM looking to start a new campaign. I am looking for those experienced to semi-experienced players, experience with 4e is nice but not necessary. Looking to game in the afternoon or evenings on weekends when ever we can get together. If the synopsis below interests you please contact me and let me know your availability.

Email: Bzerker01@gmail.com



The Nentir Vale is all that remains of a once proud and strong empire that stretched over almost all the lands of the world. Though it was once the edge of the empire it had always been a trading hub and survived long after the fall of the empire. It remained powerful until the Orc invasion scattered the small remits of civilization to the winds.

The vale is now mostly empty, with a handful of living villages and towns scattered over this wide area. Abandoned farmsteads, ruined manors, and broken keeps litter the countryside. Bandits, wild animals, and monsters roam freely throughout the vale, threatening anyone who fares more than few miles away from one of the surviving settlements. Travel along the roads or river is usually safe—usually. But every now and then, travelers come to bad ends between towns.

It is in this time, as the last specs of light cling to stay lit, that a competition is called to bring the best adventurers and athletes together, a competition that offers more prizes then advertised...

08-07-2012, 05:38 PM
Hey, just a quick check, are you still looking for members? I realize I'm replying to an old post, just wanted to see what's out there now that I've found time to play again.