View Full Version : Campfire RPG seeks playtesters

10-04-2011, 05:49 PM
We are currently seeking playtesters to test a Pen and Paper RPG we are developing, here is a brief introduction:

Campfire is designed as a super basic, bare bones Role Playing Game System. What its not designed as is a large in depth campaign setting. There are a lot (no seriously, I mean 1000's) of other RPG's of that type out there that have been doing it longer, and some better, then us.
Campfire is most at home in the back of cars on road trips, picnic tables at camp sites, tent floors, and anyplace your looking to play a quick, easy game with two to six encounters.
The game is designed to be played using only d6's and the occasional coin.

If interested you can apply at:

Also please check out our forums at:
http://www.campfirerpg.com (http://www.campfirerpg.com/)

10-19-2011, 11:11 AM
We appreciate all the responses we have gotten so far. We are currently well above schedule and hope to get the Rule Books and Flora and Fauna guides out by November 1st.

We have also decided to expand the original number of play testers so if you are still interested, please stop by and fill out the form as linked in the above post.