View Full Version : Go West!

09-27-2011, 10:59 PM

I'm looking for players to start a game of "Legends of Anglerre". This is a fantasy RPG of the FATE family. FATE encourages players (and GM) to describe in colorful terms what characters do during the game. I'm a fairly experienced GM and I'm very excited to give this game a try.

I'm going to run a campaign about the discovery of a new continent; think Colombus meets Conan kind of stuff. The Player Characters are going to start from the Continent of Maia (https://docs.google.com/document/d/17UpFkJ6612Bkz7Z34FtT4PZy6j3prsxr5Rbb4oI0Ggc/edit?hl=en_US), a caricatural and fantastical remake of Europe ripe with conflicts. You could play a mad Scandzan berserker, a sophisticated Roman soothsayer, a mysterious druid from Goidel or a Teutonic knight who fought the undead hordes of Necrosia... or whatever Maia inspires you with.

I'd like to meet potential players at least once just to check our compatibility. There's a good chance the game will be run at the Battle Standard in Manchester, but it's not written in stone yet. I already found two gamers who are interested in this campaign and I'm looking for 2 more players. Drop a line if you're interested!