View Full Version : Looking for group OR players in Des Moines IA area

09-26-2011, 05:44 PM
Hi, I'm Bunny. Myself and my boyfriend are looking for a group(s) to join in the des moines area. We like anything other than horror (zombies are fine tho) i can play most days after 11 am and he can game most days after 6:30 pm. We are looking for a group that is fun and doesn't take everything like it's life and death. I've played alot of 3.5 Dnd and a bit of most of the white wolf games, although it's been a couple of years for both. My Boyfriend, Rich, is new to the whole Pen and paper world and is willing to try any system. I am also willing to try any system. I can DM dnd 3.5 but would rather be a player at this time. If your a player or a Dm who would like to be a player and am willing to put up with me/ coach me some i would run a game. My apartment could hold 4-8 players comfortably and i do have a table and chairs for up to 8. If your interested or know of a group that is looking for players hit me up. If i'm running the game it will most likely be on my days off in the afternoon/ early evening (which is currently most tuesday and thursday) i could run a game most anyday after 11 am. Looking to meet once a week to bi weekly (maybe more often) my games tend to last 3-6 hrs depending on the players.
i do get mail on here but am best reached by facebook @ da.vopral.bunny (or search for slushi Bunny)