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09-25-2011, 10:46 AM
Our campaign has changed a bit as we moved to Pathfinder. Currently we're playing an "all-mage game" where all of the players are members of several hidden cells of a resistance movement against a Lich that their Masters prevented from taking Gloriana over years ago. Each of the student is special and was raised in peculiar settings and in peculiar ways.

So far we have an Evoker, a Necromancer, an Alchemist Mindchemist, a Blackblade Magus, a Bard and a Witch and we're around about 7th level at this point. New players must also be Arcane casters and cannot be the same Archetype/Specialization of another player (so no Necromancers, Evokers, Mindchemists, general Bards or general Witch) and that leaves all the different kinds of Sorcerers, Abjurer, Summoner, Conjuror, Diviner, Magus (non Blackblade), other archetypes of all kinds.

We play every Saturday,w e use Heroforge for character generation and I'm pretty flexible since we focus on roleplaying with some combat.

If you're interested, find us at:


09-26-2011, 10:49 AM
I have one player interested, anybody else?

09-26-2011, 03:39 PM
Interesting setting with a great deal of possibility for political intrigue both within and between the communities. How many players are you looking for before starting?

Blond Gamer Girl
09-26-2011, 05:44 PM
I'm completely unfamiliar with those systems but I very much like the thought you put into this and the roleplay ratio. What days, dates and times are you meeting and all?

09-26-2011, 11:52 PM
Very interested would like to talk more, you mentioned ascetics are we talking exalted deeds ascetics? what days/time is this game going to take place please let me know I am DYING to play a good game and this sounds really interesting

09-27-2011, 09:47 AM
Thanks for the interest guys!
Hobgoblin: 4-6 is the range. I have one already and three more would be good. I could start with 3, certainly smaller groups can be a lot of fun.
Blond Gamer Girl: Its DD3.5 in the Faerun setting referencing an old DD Advanced game setting that was like a magical post-apocalyptic environment.
Gregora: I used the name Ascetic to refer to the Monk class and yes, we will be exploring other books as we play.

The setting is a sort of microcosm that's been disconnected from its own past and of course, the rest of the world, for at least 1200 years. In that time, two halfbreed species have become their own distinct species (so maybe 1200 years isn't accurate... :cool: ) In this little world all its own a lot of variety has been stripped away because there's not enough population to support it all, not enough independent culture to make it work.

That doesn't mean they don't exist or that they can't be found...

I'd like to start this month sometime, weekend days either Saturday or Sunday but I have to coordinate with my other group who plays on Sundays once a month. I don't know what the next date is in October yet.

09-27-2011, 03:59 PM
I think a character creation session may be in order as my other player is already "calling" rogue. :D

When are people available?

Blond Gamer Girl
09-27-2011, 06:25 PM
This weekend is good and the weekend of the 15th.

I have a group that meets two Sundays a month, not fixed but scheduled far in advance. Weekdays/nights are completely out. The weekend of the 8th, Sunday the 23rd and Halloween weekend are out.

Just post and all. Thanks.

09-27-2011, 07:53 PM
This weekend may work but its sketchy based on some outside factors.

We can do character creation more than once, to get everyone done and get people introduced to the environment.

09-27-2011, 08:05 PM
I would prefer weekends but Friday nights would also be okay. Getting together relatively soon to go over character concept and creation is a good idea especially for writing character backgrounds. If we are going to play young and energetic sorts joining the Guard for adventure (and other more esoteric reasons) then backgrounds and how characters view people of other communities and races will be key to party make-up and future adventure hooks. I'm excited about writing a past for my character that will create good synchronicity with the other players' characters.

I am most comfortable playing traditional combative roles so I would favor a fighter, barbarian, or ranger. I do realize combat is not the focus of the campaign and I was considering a reluctant fighter/herbalist of sorts (first have to learn how to heal injuries before you learn how to create injuries) and thinking about a human or dwarf to those ends.

Blond Gamer Girl
09-27-2011, 08:51 PM
If we do this weekend, is it possible to post over the next day or so?

Oh and one more vote for time, I can do evening but not horribly late. However, please don't let my schedule hamper anyone or the game.

09-28-2011, 12:46 AM
hey I can do sat. or sun. and would probably be playing a monk just let me know.

09-28-2011, 09:43 AM
Excellent! I get off work at 530 on Friday and don't get home until 7. I also have a friend coming in from out of town on Friday night who is greaviing so that's probably not a good idea. Sunday would be best for me, from 1-6 maybe? How is that for you guys?

09-28-2011, 11:48 AM
I built a yahoogroup to use for scheduling and resource materials. Tonight I' ll upload some more materials.


09-28-2011, 11:54 AM
yes sunday works perfectly for me.

Blond Gamer Girl
09-28-2011, 07:05 PM
Sunday works.

09-28-2011, 08:27 PM
Sunday would be good. I was having some trouble with the Yahoo Group and I kept getting errors. I'll try again tomorrow or so but if there is some information I need to know please PM me.

09-29-2011, 07:46 AM
I can always create a Google Site instead, it's generally big-free. Would you guys rather do that?

Blond Gamer Girl
09-29-2011, 04:19 PM
You can manually add someone. I have one myself. The calendar/auto reminder function makes it very worthwhile.

10-01-2011, 10:32 PM
So we have four players and we're still accepting players, optimally 1-2 more.

So far the classes are Rogue, Sorcerer and Monk and possibly a 'Fighter' of some kind with no "party" NPC.

10-01-2011, 11:49 PM
ok first meeting is sunday 10/2 at 1:00 pm right?

10-02-2011, 11:33 AM
Yep! As in 30 minutes from now.

10-06-2011, 07:20 PM
We still have openings for 3 more people. To clarify what we're looking for: Easy going people who like to enjoy themselves, are pretty smart, like to work out mysteries based on clues and can use their characters' abilities and challenge me, as GM, to keep it interesting and challenging.

10-09-2011, 07:28 PM
Next session 10.23.2011

10-13-2011, 01:59 PM
Ardem's Journal, entry Month of Green, Day 12

When Ardem had been cast from the Circle into Penance, he had imagined years,
perhaps even decades of demeaning services; cleaning the Keepings, patrolling
the towns, seeking lost younglings and escorting Healers on their annual

Nothing had prepared him for this.

He had been sent to meet a Monk that a Ridger had found emerging from the
Shrine-Lands into the Tribe-Lands. Then down past the snow-line, something that
hardly ever happened. He was, of course, to travel with the traveler, find out
his story and report but also direct him to the Peacekeepers.

Then, of course he should have expected it, he had been ordered to accompany
them and assist.


An open-ended command as any but at the same time a test, to see if he would
exceed his authority again.

Determined not to make the same mistakes again, he had followed them and
contributed as little as he could without draining on their resources, as he was
ordered to "assist". It wasn't that hard until they arrived at Silmar, the very
place repulsed him.

He'd been there on patrol before, had seen the bustling farm community and been
amongst them once or twice but in that time he had never connected with the
people. That was the way of things for the Wolf, part of a breed, perhaps a pack
but always alone as well. He moreso than others, since he couldn't even be a
part of the Tribe anymore.

No one bonded to a Wolverine.

Still, it had been very useful, this bonding and being sent with these people.
He hunted and foraged for them and Ruuhg's superior sense of smell had aided them
in determining the unnatural qualities they had encountered.

Still, the firing of the town, despite the deep stain of poison on it and the
loss of the people had been highly disturbing. More than that, the... entity...
he had sensed, was still present but it disappeared, it had fled to the swamp. That
meant heading into it's own territory, its den, where it could control the
environment of their engagement at its discretion. This set he and Ruuhg ill at
ease more than the stench of the smoking town

He opened his eyes and peered out into the soft dawn, his peers having slept
fitfully while he Dreamed with Ruuhg, his body regaining its energy while his
partner filled his sleeping mind with his waking night. He saw only a
continuation of the prior day, except now the town was nearly gone, the people
but greasy smoke on the still and heavy damp morning air. He rose to sit, pulled
out his quiver and his supplies and checked his weapons, polishing and checking
their status carefully, the ritual gave his stoic self a foundation of calm on
which to rest.

Soon they would set out on their way to engage whatever was in the swamp, the
Druids had already been alerted and remained silent, neither approving nor
condemning their actions so far.

10-18-2011, 04:11 PM
Still have 2-3 slots open.

10-24-2011, 11:08 AM
We're opening the session to observers. Please contact me at xawakening@yahoo.com if you're interested in observing a session to see if its interesting and so we can all see if we're a good fit, no hard-no foul.

Our next session is Sunday November 6 at 1PM in Marietta. If interested, PM or email me for directions.

10-27-2011, 11:45 AM
Bahir's spirit guide thrashed and railed within his chest against the anathema
that existed under the headman's house. Evil had lived within Silmar for an
untold time and had not only murdered hundreds of people but had corrupted the
link between spirit and flesh by arts most foul. As a shaman, Bahir felt an
especial pain watching the bodies in the basement animated by something other
than the spark of life. But as a Harkaad, Bahir mastered his feelings of rage
and revulsion and carried out his duty to understand what happened and why.

Using his magical talents Omrin discerned a link between the bodies, the thigh
bone talismans, and the flesh golem but he was more disgusted by the slime that
covered the bed. His disgust dominated his thoughts and he focused his energy
more on the inert slime than anything else. Bahir brought his attention back to
the situation at hand by striking the thigh bone altar with his spear, causing
the golem to reawaken and ask for instruction, and directing Omrin to attempt
communication with the cursed creature.

The golem seemed to understand language but his range of activity was limited
and he would only function if specific events transpired namely he was
programmed to require a body on the bed for the ritual to proceed. Morbid
curiosity and a desire to uncover the evil at foot prompted Bahir to make a

"Bring in Caedmon. He may yet serve a purpose," Bahir intoned.

Not understanding, or not wanting to understand, Omrin replied, "Put him on
that?" while pointing to the slime encrusted bed.

"Your masters desire answers. I shall not lie there unless you and Ardam would
try and force me but I would sell my life at heavy cost to both of you. Nor

would I ask you or Ardam to suffer a role in this depravity. Caedmon's life is
forfeit according to the laws of your Order. In this way he will redeem a

lifetime of waste and wanton frivolity," Bahir spoke and thought carefully for
a moment. "We do him a great honor by allowing him to rejoin our brotherhood
for this task."

"It seems so terrible. How will I explain this? Will you treat any injuries he

"What happened to Silmar is terrible. A Peacekeeper must make hard choices to
root out evil and maintain peace. This is such a choice," Bahir said gravely.
"You will explain this by stating we did all within our power to complete the
mission. Your masters do not wish to be burdened with an excess of detail."

Omrin felt great moral tumult but reluctantly agreed. Ardam departed with great
haste to retrieve Caedmon. Little was said as the ritual took place but the
passing of Caedmon was not mourned for he died as he lived â€" wallowing in his
own slimy filth. Bahir was compelled to mutter a song of the spirit to mark the
passing but chose not to expend any divine energy while doing so.

As Caedmon's energy fled his body and rushed into the flesh golem who was
immediately invigorated with the infusion of life force, a great rumbling came
from deep within the earth. Taking the golem, who would name itself Liam, away
from what would soon be immortalized as the Sinkhole of Silmar, the party
departed from the cursed land that was just beginning to heal itself of the
corruption that had lain so heavy over the earth.

Thus the birth of Liam, a veritable Adonis, came to pass. Out of death, fire,
wastage, and foul magic a new life untouched by all those factors came to exist.
Bahir was not surprised to sense the mighty soul of an ancient Harkaad living
with the virile body of Liam.

10-30-2011, 12:48 AM
We awoke and decided that in order to carry out the rest of our orders we needed to find out exactly what it had been that had been below the Ardman’s House. A Windrider had glided overhead earlier that morning while I had been on the roof on watch and I had given signs to advise them that sickness had been found and burned out and that it appeared we and a Healer were the only survivors.

The Windrider had dipped her Hawk’s wing in acknowledgement and turned and glided out the way she had come, headed back to report.

I explained this to my fellows but they were a determined lot and, I felt sympathy towards them, that we should complete what we had set out to do.

It was decided likely that we would have to go from the Ardman’s House to the swamps, where we had felt surely the evil presence had fled to the day before but Caedmon had adamantly refused to do so for, as he put it, the stains and the mud wouldn’t come out of his clothes or his boots.

I had warned you, my superiors, that he was a mistake to bring on such a mission. I had warned you that the stresses of the environment would be difficult for his conditioning to maintain itself. He seemed to revert and I was forced to use The Subdual.

Caedmon was left behind at the House of Healing to await our return, with the Healer to watch over him and make sure he didn’t soil himself or make mischief in his Subdued state.

Thus, we ventured to the Ardman’s House and discovered that as we had before, the aura of menace and dis-ease had faded, leaving only a bad memory. Despite this though, in the light of day, we were cautious and took great pains to investigate thoroughly before venturing into the House proper.

Not that it mattered much. The fires that we had set here, that had spread from this to the rest of the town with unnatural swiftness despite the finishes and sealants used to prevent such, had burned everything to ash or crumbling charcoal. Even the stones of the building themselves seemed to have been weakened and most had burst or crumbled, such as river stones baked in a very hot fire will sometimes do, leaving little of their original form behind.

We found the cellar easily enough, the doors had been burned off and it was the only topical feature left on the ground floor, the floor above4 having been ashed by the flames. Also, there were no bones or scraps of the things we had discovered and set fire to within, for they too had been burned to ash, leaving only traces of spoiled meat then over-roasted as a faint scent even the others could catch.

From here we used farm tools to clear the way and test the footing ahead, discovering a dark cellar below strangely only partially affected by the fire and heat from above. Some of the shelving and a single door remained; the door appeared untouched though most of the shelving around it had burned away to nothing.

We also discovered corpses of those things we had fought that had fled down here and yet succumbed to the heat, if not the flames, roasted into a state that not even whatever had motivated them beyond death before could them still sustain.

The door was a puzzle indeed, for upon close inspection by the Bard it appeared neither trapped nor locked and yet we were unsure of what lay upon the other side. It appeared unharmed by the flames and of course, this would mean that whatever lay beyond it would very likely also have remained unharmed by the flames.

Bahir, out doughty Shaman, struck the door fully with his spear and not only did it not give before his Harkaad might but that it shook him as if it had been made of stone!

Then, Omrin, our Bard and leader, took the door firmly to turn the knob and was struck down! A flash of blue, the crackle of lightning and ozone and seared pork and he fell against the flooring his hand sizzling and smoldering where the door’s handle had been trapped with Arcane magic.

As Bahir saw to Omrin’s wounds I fetched Caedon and used upon him the Words of Binding, sealing him to my will for a time so that we could make use of his skills without his cooperation. He determined that the door’s magic seemed largely expended but that here were enchantments still lingering.

Bahir’s quick and expert medical skills prevented a great loss of ability with Omrin’s right hand, used to play his lute and his salves worked quickly to halt and reverse the worst of the most-immediate of the damage. Still, Omrin will be forever marked by this event and shall be known for it henceforth.

As it was, in the end, magic was used to foil magic as Omrin used a Rune to turn the know and pull open the door without making direct contact with it, revealing to us what lay beyond.

Here I mist pause and drink fully of fortified wine for what I am about to tell sickens and horrifies me even now. Before, seeing the rotten and sickened bloated forms of the dead and those that had long since died and yet still flailed and moved with purpose unfathomable to natural men, we had been shaken and our dreams filled with unspeakable, unnamable horrors.

Now, it was perhaps more so.

Beyond the door lay a large long chamber, fully fifty feet deep, thirty feet wide and fifteen feet high with a few steps down into it. The floor was smoothed stone and angled so that there were gentle slopes created with the sides elevated and the center of the room slightly lowered, then the entry side higher than the far side which was just too far away to see in the gloom even for the Omrin and Bahir, who can see in the night.

But I could smell something from that end of the room, something Ruuagh and I felt was most-foul and yet while we could not see it, we would not be the first to go there. I drew and nocked arrow to my bow.

My fellows have learned to pay attention to Ruuagh’s behavior early on. What he does not eat, they will not eat. A way he will not go, they will not go. He is a wolverine, a creature known to be too mean for much wisdom and yet Ruuagh has given them good information.

They looked to him.

He planted his feet and growled at the room and refused to enter it.

And as a torch was lit and brought up, we all saw why.

For hanging from the ceiling were six men’s body’s, mutilated in some way. One appeared to have had all of his internal organs harvested, another was missing one leg and most of the bones in his torso, another his head was entirely gone, another the opposite leg and arm and so on- you begin to see a pattern. Further, these bodies were of men that even in death were quite fit and handsome, what was left that we could see. And in each, in the leg that was left, it seemed a thigh bone had been removed.

This seemed chilling to me, though I could not say why.

Ah, Master Endrell, you will frown upon reading this and berate me for being so poor at my Healing Arts. As we all know, I excel at War Arts, not healing, so this lesson that you had taught I had not remembered until much later.

Luckily, apparently Bahir was a better student than I.

Each of these men hung upon a meat hoot, as one would suspend a carcass for curing and carving in a slaughterhouse and yet there was no blood on the floor. Bahir ventured into the room first, his features pinches and telling me that the spirits of these men must be howling at him and his spear set and held before him ready to lay upon anything that moved. I behind him, Omron and then Caedmon behind then.

We searched out the area and found it deserted though there were many disgusting things. A large bed found at the end of the room seemed normal at first until we found a slime most-foul to have sopped the bed-sheets. Lifting, carefully not to be touched by, the end of one sheet we discovered a pool of this slime that seemed to well up from a tunnel of sorts and as such, was most foul smelling.

Before the bed was found a low table upon which lay the cleaned and intricately etched thigh-bones of the men hanging on the hooks behind us. And as they were disturbed we discovered something more horrifying than anything we had yet seen-

“Is it time mistress?” a man’s voice whispered and a large form shuffled into the light of the torch.

He was a massive man, with wide shoulders and a muscular torso, powerful arms and legs and aye, we had seen all of these before as they had been taken from the bodies that were behind us suspended from the ceiling.

We froze, like hares, trapped in a flash of light and unable to react.

I admit to thinking in the next heartbeat I would be slain in some horrific manner and hung next to the others….

But we weren’t.

As a matter off act, it merely stood there.

Omrin trilled a Melody and gazed about, discovering Necromancy had bound the though bones to the corpses and to the thing before us, linking them all together in some fashion. There were many spells in effect but that was the most powerful of them.

In the meantime, Bahir was examining the massive man and discovered that the parts from the other men appeared to have been sewn on. A twine of some sort had been used to lace the flesh together and looked half-healed and a little angry with infection, though he did not breathe or blink or seem in any way affected. He was also handsome, with long blond hair and blue eyes and a powerful jaw and expressive forehead.

In a controlled experiment, we disturbed the table again and when the giant prompted “Mistress” again, we attempted to reason with it. It did not respond. At this time Bahir reasoned that it had limited functions. I admit to feeling disappointment at this, having hoped that more knowledge would begin to clear up these maddening mysteries.

We discussed this and reasoned that perhaps we should answer yes, when the giant prompted us and observe its reactions. It had clearly done whatever this was repeatedly in the past and we needed a way to find out exactly what “it” was. And thus, we did.

What followed was chaos!

In the confusion the giant apprehended Caedmon, who could not move on his own and flung him upon the slimed bed. Taking one of the thigh bones he performed a “ritual” upon him that made the hanging corpses react as if they were alive. At the climax of the ritual a massive surge of energy came from Caedmon, shriveling him to so much ash and rushed through the giant to the corpses and then back to the giant! The giant absorbed this energy and seemed to have a fit, falling backwards onto the floor and thrashing about until finally it stopped moving.

In the torchlight we discovered that its wounds were gone, the angry punctures had become faint scars and the stitching had disappeared completely and that the giant now breathed, his eyes fluttering as if asleep and dreaming.

With a shout he started awake and sat up, demanding to know where he was, who we were and such.

But introductions would have to wait as the earth shook and the slime bubbled and heaved as if some massive object moved through it towards us!

We fled, of course, dragging our new link to the horrors with us and ran into Masters Darryn, Kadjeel and Noras who bade us flee for our lives and not stop until we reached the capitol.

We did stop, briefly, at the House of Healing to gather supplies and we looked back. The sight, to say the least, gave us impetus to make unnatural haste. For all of us saw the massive tentacle, a serpent really, rising into the evening twilight with a massive raw eyeball on the end instead of a beast’s head spewing fire from itself like some great serpent.

We did not stop until we were completely out of the Sylmar Demesne.

10-30-2011, 05:56 PM
Next gaming session is Sunday November 6th at 1PM in Marietta if anyone wants to come observe. For directions PM me. If you won't be able to get there when we start- that's fine.

11-08-2011, 04:47 PM
Next session is December 4th at 1PM for those who want to stop by ad observe.
Lats session, 1 observer came and half an hour into the session decided to make a character.

11-22-2011, 10:18 AM
Harkaad Nuptuals, Day of Green 18

The Harkaad ancestral lands are tough and demand much from anybody
who would tread on this blasted rocky earth. The ancestor spirits who
roam do not grant favors or answer the prayers of the weak; rather
they take great pleasure in watching the strong cull the weak and even
greater pleasure in watching the weak overcome themselves and usurp
the formerly strong in ritual combat. Today was a day the ancestors
would look down on the earth and celebrate mightily for their Harkaad
descendents were living life fiercely and proudly and bringing great
honor to the tribes.

However Bahir, Omrin, Ardem and Liam had no idea what they were
walking into that bright and warm day. The party, being low ranking
and expendable pawns that nevertheless showed great promise, were
recently inducted into the mysteries surrounding an intricate
conspiracy concerning the nature of civilization as they know it.
Shock and disbelief still rippled through them and they all questioned
in their hearts what was actually true and what they were only told
was true. The party’s quiet introspective journey was shattered by
what sounded like a battle ahead and they all prepared for combat as
they jogged ahead.

The battle turned out to a Harkaad wedding which was a comforting
sight for some party members and a terrifying and barbaric spectacle
for others. Battered men in various stages of drunkenness and injuries
laid out on a raised platform and raised a tremendous din as they
cavorted and celebrated. That however was not the main cause of noise
for a large group of women fought a brutal melee in a rough circle
directly in front of the men and the sounds of their fists smashing
bone and muscle along with their battle cries was nearly deafening.

The bride was in the middle of the melee and was fending off all her
rivals with consummate skill but her fatigue was beginning to show.
She was a remarkable specimen with broad shoulders and even broader
hips, long red hair braided into a whip-like weapon tipped with a
dagger, and prominent bony ridges all over her body. She glistened in
the sun from sweat and livid bruises lit up her sun-kissed olive flesh
with angry welts of red and purple.

Upon seeing Bahir walking up so proudly and without a mark on him she
was filled with a rage that consumed her rational mind. Bahir seemed
uppity, weak, and callow for not having participated in the battle to
win her favor (that he just arrived did not mitigate this offense) and
she burned to assert her dominance by charging directly towards him.
Bahir shed his gear and rushed to meet her with a mad scream.

Omrin and Ardae feared this would escalate into a war and Omrin took
stock of his weapons and skill but felt worried given the possible
number of blood frenzied opponents he might face. Ardem leapt backwards and quickly
assumed a roof with characteristic stealth to take a sniping position on top
of the trade warehouse.

Bahir and the bride both dove at each other and their bony head
ridges smashed together leaving both brawlers somewhat stunned but the
bride, in her fatigue, was visibly more shaken yet her resolve did not
waver. She pressed the attack but was clumsy and drained from her the
day’s activities and Bahir dispatched her with a few strikes to the
head and body. The bride collapsed and the men folk gasped as Bahir
placed his boot across her heavy breasts and claimed her as his own.

The groom let out an unearthly howl and despite his wounds and
massive state of inebriation leapt from the platform and began running
towards Bahir. The groom’s running quickly devolved into an
animalistic on-all-fours gallop and Bahir charged him in like fashion.
Their impact was thunderous but their fight was brief as the groom was
so weakened from earlier fights Bahir rendered him unconscious with
only a few blows as well.

Not to be upstaged by this, Bahir grasped the bride and groom by an
ankle and began dragging them both to the coupling area – soft green
moss arranged in open view – while announcing he claimed both bride
and groom on this fine wedding day. What followed would become the
subject of a ballad so graphic that Omrin would be forbidden from
singing it in certain social circles. The revelry continued well into
the night and the party was lusty, loud, and pristinely uncivilized.

Bahir would be inducted into the Scorpion Tribe as a husband-wife the
following morning in a brief ceremony culminating with a tattoo
marking the rite of passage onto his chest. Forever would he be a
member of this tribe as well as the Hawk Tribe. Fortunately, however,
the urinary tract infection he received during the orgy would not last

11-27-2011, 02:17 PM
Our next session is December 4th at 1PM for anyone that wishes to come by and observe. Please PM me for more details. Space is limited so you can't just show up.

12-06-2011, 07:03 PM
We're now up to two games a month, on Sundays. Next session is on the 18th. If you want to come buy and observe, please rsvp via PM so I can make space.

12-19-2011, 11:53 AM
Wow! Have we had an exciting and surprising two games in a row!

Gaming Statistics: We've converted to Pathfinder and we're playing on Saturdays now, several times a month. Our next session is 01.07.2012. Its still a homebrew, still a Gamma-World/Eberron like setting with strong Dark Sun leanings. Its a different world and there's a lot going on. New posts will be up soon to catch you guys up on what's been happening.

12-19-2011, 07:41 PM
Ardem’s Journal, Green 12-18

Where to start? It has been an odd week in an odd month, in a bizarre spring so far. From our first mission to discover plague, we ran afoul with rotting shambling monsters that could not bear the touch of sun or fire (and of course we burned down the ENTIRE town to take care of them during the day) to a monstrous thing, a gigantic eyeball on a long serpentine body from which we ran like al those smart enough to know to do.

We returned to Derayn and the Peacekeeper Enclave there and found ourselves between missions. Of course, Healer Ardra (the conniving sheep’s offal), found something for us to do and introduced us into her faction, to track down the Seeking Runes, the meaning of which a hidden sect of Druids had been searching for centuries to define.

Meanwhile, Liam and Bahir had been off and found us coin-work, a missing caravan a week away, lost between Derayn Caer and Ymirrin Caer. Since there was only one route it seemed odd that one would go missing and remain lost for more than a few days, which we should have realized at the time.

But we did not.

So off we went in search of the missing caravan and stayed at several inns along the way, our Peacekeeper status earned us a place to sleep that was dry and our coin earned us better that Evermore Stew (shudder) en route. We noticed during our trip that it seemed that we were being followed, though by who or what we could not say. Now and again the Bard, Omrin, caught traces of necromantic magics, similar to the kind we encounter in what is now called the Pit of Sylmar.

Finding no enemy to battle, we simply hurried.

On the fifth day of our travels we came into the Anvil, the vast desert that is the central Caer where the Harkaad reside. It was brutally hot, the lowland winds were strong and whipped sand around though as long as we remained on the White Road we remained protected from that, some what.

And then we came across the Harkaad wedding.

The sordid details of that, I believe are found in other writings by my fellow. I have to admit I was amused when Omrin offered to suck the poison from Bahir the next morning.


We knew that the new few days we would be without shelter and food cooked by better hands than ours, and our hosts knew it too. Still, they did not commit heinous acts upon our purses and we left relatively weighed with supplies. Two day later, having come around the curve of the Anvil, we found ourselves at a sight that one had to see to believe.

From the anvil seven great canyons radiate outward and each ends in the Caer of a specific race or a territory held by them. Here, as we found it, the White Road split with the left branch headed into a canyon and the other headed on around the Anvil. Of course this was no great thing!

I’m short, not stupid!

But what we saw was the Bulwark.

The Bulwark was, in fact, a rock fall that had happened a century before and buried a Dwarven Keep at the border of the Anvil next to the White Road. The Dwarves had never searched out and recovered the facility and the White Road, using the ancient magic that somehow kept it clear an intact, had disappeared the stone on and above it, straight up, hundreds of feet and several miles along the canyon.

It was here that we decided to make camp as a small sandstorm was blowing in. In that eve, our troubles would begin.

End pt 1

12-24-2011, 05:30 PM
Ardem was on watched as Ruagh, his companion, alerted him that his Master was approaching with another person. Ardem moved around to that side of the camp and approached them while they were still a quarter mile away, able to be scented if not yet seen.

They met several dozen yards outside of camp, Salvernus his old Master and a human he wasn’t familiar with (dressed as a Peacekeeper), though Salvernus was dressed as he always was: in camoflague. Escorting them was a wolverine of exceptional size and as Ardem’s companion approached Salvernus’, they greeted each other with soft antagonism and growling.

Much like their tool-using humanoid companions.

“Ardem,” Salvernus acknowledged him with his name only and no other outward action, though he grated his name out like it tasted sour. He prodded the human Peacekeeper to take a step forward, a simple-looking man a bit older than Ardem and, of course, taller.
Everyone but a Dwarf or a Halfling was taller than Ardem.

“Salvernus,” Ardem greeted him the same way, more neutral in his tone.

Salvernus quirked a silver eyebrow and stared at Ardem for a moment. “It seems you have survived your own actions and the retribution of the council.”
“As have you,” Ardem replied flatly, pointing out that Salvernus bore the same disgrace and the same burdens handed down from the council. He decided to change the subject, “You have a package for me?” his eyes cut to the human.

“Since you… killed… the last one,” Salvernus grated out slowly, “a faction of the council decided your group needed another one. Do TRY to take better care of this one will you?” he mocked.

“I never waste good material,” Ardem replied, another subtle dig.

Only the faintest flicker in Salvernus’ eyes indicated the hit. He curled his lip into a faint sneer, “This one is called Rowan. He’s Fey-Blooded.”
“Just your type,” Ardem replied, rolling his eyes slightly.

Salvernus began to snarl and caught himself and then paused, regarding Ardem. “I see..not ALL of my students are failures.”
“You trained me,” Rowan chose that moment to speak up.

“Clearly he doesn’t have the instincts of survival,” Ardem commented deadpan.

“But I can run fast!” Rowan replied, beaming beatifically.

Salvernus smiled slightly, “I’ll leave the two of you to get acquainted while I go and do some... real… work.”

Pt 2

01-05-2012, 01:13 PM
Just sending an fyi reminder of this Saturday is our game. You're invited to come by and observe or jump in if you like. We start at 1PM and play until 6 at:
1283 Houndslake Dr, Marietta Ga 30008

And here's a brief overview of what happened in the last two session, which changed the scope and the landscape of the game entirely. I'm one of those GM's who has a plan and am happy to give my players their hooks and let them make of them what they will. I'm also happy to let them lead themselves down the merry path to hell, if they want to go there.

In the last two sessions the players (through their characters) winnowed out what was happening, what was being done to them and made contact with the "raiders" they had sort of been sent to hunt down and spy on and report to the bigger fish to take out. After artful use of spells and amazing skill rolls (natural 20's!) they managed to negotiate and learn that the "raiders" were in fact ruin-delvers seeking artifacts from the distant past in their little "pocket dimension" that the Druids had created and were maintaining as a static little ant farm. But for those who had the skills and the power, there were cracks in the "jar" that could be exploited to get in and out.

The characters negotiated their passage out in trade for the very thing the ruin delvers had been looking for but the party had found first, thinking it was useless, if clever, junk.

Before they departed they were warned that the laws of the dimension they were in didn't always translate out well and that sometimes people from inside disappeared when they passed outside or, worse, were unrecognizable when they arrived. In almost all cases, anyone from Inside was changed in some way when they went Outside.

The party, realizing that they were dead if they went back to the Druids with the knowledge they had, stood better chances of surviving this way and unanimously voted to make the shift. We ended the session with them transporting out, the raiders using "devices" of some sort to cause that to happen and then they were unconscious.

During their "unconscious" time, we're converting from DD3.5 to Pathfinder, which the players voted unanimously was a preferred system (I agreed) and they and I have worked to rebuild their characters in the new system to approximate what they were in the old build. So far everyone is thrilled with what they've been shown, though none of them know about all of the alterations, of course.

So this is where we are.

They will be waking up in the next session to discover some rather unpleasant things about their status in the new society but, the raiders, have negotiated on their behalf and used their "share" of the reward since they helped find the item they had been sent in for (they may be evil but they were lawful!). We're now exploring the world of Faerun thousands of years after the moon was dropped on the planet and it has had some time to recover. There are some basic facts that are unchanged from the original campaign notes:

There are no Gods.

There are very few Wizards.

Add to this the following:

Most of the "world" is a vast wasteland with tiny green dots of oasis in which most civilization exists.

There are some new races on the playing field.

The average critter you run into "out there" isn't a cake walk due to exposure to weird magical energies and seeping extraplanar fissures that are polluting the world.

The use of "devices" (i.e.: technology) is a lost art being recovered from ancient ruins and had been widely used, alongside magic, when the cataclysm happened all that time ago. At this time most of these are limited to handheld items that provide small skill bonuses and limited magic-like abilities. Craft Devices is the same as Craft Wondrous Item but requires 3 skill points spent in two appropriate Craft skills (jeweler, glass, blacksmith, cloth, etc).

Clerics and Paladins are dedicated to "ideals" not "personifications" and thus can be wildly different.

All the base normal classes are available for play, with archetypes, including the Oriental versions.

At this point we're level 6 under fast progression rules.

01-07-2012, 11:02 PM
A post that updates a synopsis of how it all went down int he session prior to this last one.

The investigation into the collapsed dwarven fortress had, so far, gone both disturbingly well and horribly awry. Omrin had "disarmed" a series of traps using his rather unorthodox method of lodging so much of his torn flesh into the gears to render the trap mechanism inoperable. Liam exhibited new supernatural abilities, that had lain dormant, to save the party at an opportune moment. And Bahir valiantly charged and attempted to pummel a friendly kobold to death (a misunderstanding at the time). All in all the mission was going as expected.

What followed was a frightening discovery of forbidden magic and technology, druidic hypocrisy, assassination, and the realization that the party could never go back to their lives. The druids would eliminate the party for their knowledge. The only way forward was to leave the caldera by any means possible.

The path out opened by a most unlikely route when the party parleyed with a group of lawful evil treasure hunters who also prowled the ruins. The treasure hunters sought relics and could take the party out using methods otherwise unusable to the party. Bahir had, almost by accident, picked up a curiously wrought crown dropped by the assassinated dwarven king and this was the item the treasure hunters sought. Tense negotiations followed as the party learned what the passage outside actually entailed.

Apparently, the druids had created a false world where man and other animals were forced to conform to a strict set of guidelines - their very natures subverted by powerful magics. Leaving that bubble was potentially fatal by itself but the party was forced to face that possibility (and entrust their survival and care to a group of opportunists) or go into eternal hiding hoping they could avoid the druids.

Vows were exchanged and a contract written up and signed in blood by all members.

As the group prepared to leave, Bahir remembered his promise to the pixies whom the dwarves had imprisoned for use as light sources. The queen of these fell creatures, who were quite blood-thirsty and capable of rendering a grown man to pebble sized pixie excrement within minutes, spoke to the party and was eager for her freedom and made a promise not to eat them. The pixies held the dwarves in great contempt and anger for their treatment and Bahir suggested a method to take the queen and her court directly to the dwarven capital for a reckoning. It was a harsh justice but it would have the added effect of causing chaos and covering the character's egress.

In what would be known as the Cleansing of the Dwarven Caer, the party departed the caldera but vowed to return and free their friends and family from the tyranny of the druids. Some moral tumult was felt over the massacre of tens of thousands of dwarves but then Bahir let out a mighty belch and realized it was only indigestion he had felt.

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We're gaming on Saturday 1.14 and 1.21 at our normal times and in our normal place and still have 1-3 slots open.

01-23-2012, 12:37 PM
I would love to know a lot more, I am looking for a regular game and this one seems really near to me!
Please let me know if you have room and what I need to know.

Thanks in advance,

10-23-2012, 11:59 PM
Hey do you guys still play? I'm desperately trying to find a gaming group since I moved here to GA.

10-24-2012, 01:28 AM
interesting reading! i look forward to more. why not use the blogging functions here on the boards?