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09-25-2011, 09:56 AM
System: Marvel Superheroes (Expanded Ultimate Edition)
Setting: Our World, Marvel Universe, Ultimates, Elseworld
Year: 2009 (or -2 years from current), current month
Resources: I have them and can make them available

Specifics about character creation:

Characters are created without powers and those will be revealed during the “awakening” process. Don't worry, I don't “do” stupid powers.
Characters may be from whatever part of the world, whatever nationality, etc.
Characters may be related to existing Marvel Ultimates characters or “Elseworld” relationships but may not be the “son of-” or “daughter of-” relation. If you choose a relation, it must make sense.
Characters may be in any age range between 10 and 30, no older, no younger.
Characters will get skills and talents based on the preferences of profession they choose.
Magic isn't on the table as something you can choose as a background, though you can choose to be an occultist as your profession or some other magic-related profession.

Campaign Synopsis
The campaign world is our world with tweaks of course, allowing for superheroes and super-science in a superhero setting. The world setting is a bit harsh in that in this world mutants are feared and prejudiced against and have problems with the law. This world has the flavor of the Ultimates, so the few sanctioned superheroes are involved with the government.

So in essence, if you have abilities, you may have very few options. Everybody knows the Xmen *were* in New York somewhere until it was rumored their base was destroyed by their enemies.

The campaign will happen in Georgia, likely here in Atlanta so it's familiar with the players. The campaign is actually based on a writing simulation I've run for the past ten years online (still going though the setting has changed) but taken in a different direction.

If you're interested, let me know.

09-26-2011, 10:47 AM
I have one player interested, anybody else?

06-05-2012, 03:36 PM
What day and how often will the game be and where in Marietta will it be played?

How much say will players have in regards to what powers their character gets?

Can you give a little more detail on the overall plot? Will the characters be a superhero team, vigalantes, government agents?