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09-23-2011, 03:38 AM
The Pahbor occupation of earth has been beaten back. A miricle in its self, mankind estimated to have been decimated to 40 percent of its former numbers. Most dwelling in the slave cities working to maintain equipment or harvest resources. Others however formed the resistance reuniting mankind and moving to the stars to persue their once captors. A feat that should never have been accomplished. However with the Pahbor Empire loosing grasp on its outlying territories, and with the aid of their new ally, sworn enemy of the pahbor; the rabbits Humanity has made leaps foward to thwart their enemies on all fronts.

It is the birth of the United Earth federation and the Human empire. Lord commander Daniel has lead in the second half of the year 2075 a expeditionary force through the Pahbor's jumpgate to establish a foothold and prevent the pahbor from ever thretening Earth again. There is a great deal of space to cover, but for this purpose the Sparrow class Light-Cruiser was created. The UES Mozart has been given its orders to subdue any threat, secure any resource, and form ties that will benefit the United Earth Federation.

The campaign takes place in the late 21st century, the team are representatives aboard a micro-fleet of the United Earth Federation Navy -That the current players have commandeered-. The players have a fairly sandbox environment with their choice of how to shape the new Federation of Earth. Will you take what you need and strike fear as the new tyrants of the galaxy or peace keepers and diplomats. I try to bill the Campaign as semi-realistic, but many factors border on the absurd and lets face it two of the dominant races in the galaxy are guineapigs(Pahbor) and rabbits so we will go with 40% real/60% cinematic . The Campaign world does follow real science for the most part, some super science and anomalies in real space may circumvent known laws of science but for the most part obey them unless otherwise explained. Combat borders on cinematic leaning toward 18th century naval combat over modern naval combat, ie boarding combat and melee are viable assets in the arsenal of any space vessel.

Game System: Gurps 4th ed
Game Starting Year:2075
Genre Sci-fi "Realistic"
Multiple planes of existence? yes
Campaign Starting Location: UES Mozart
Tech LV 8 with select 9/10 advances
Starting point value 175(150+25'catchup points')
Max Disadvantages -75
Starting Wealth $20,000
Exotic/Supernatural allowed? Yes, Must be approved
Are PC Mages Allowed? maybe, but supernatural events that could be explained as magic have been witnessed.
General Mana Level: Low Mana(again mana is more an explanation for unexplained phenomina)
Do areas of higher/lower mana exist? yes
Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits? Yes Check with GM
Are PC psis allowed? Maybe... as above but a interesting story could make me bend a bit
Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits? See above
Are PC gadgeteers allowed? Yes

Recomended Reading:
Gurps Basic set - For character creation
Gurps Spaceship - Space combat rules, read through once, Vol 3 has the better combat rules
Gurps spaceship vol 3 - Our combat rules for spaceships, its good to know but I have macros in place to make this easy
Gurps High tech - Some equipment options
Gurps Ultra tech - Some equipment, but ask first chances are I have a homebrew version balanced for the game but I do allow some leaniancy.
Orange Badlands - My homebrew pdf, has equipment options and other rules to aid in streamlining the game experience.
I have pdfs of all books you will need

We will be using Maptools- a free online java based sandbox program to give visual aids and communication between players- for sure, most likely using text based communication in maptools, we have used skype in previous games and may in this one, that is yet to be seen.

Teamspeak 3- I store my files here, and I use it to relay information, you do not need a mic but you do need speakers/Headphones. All your actions are in text so there is no disadvantage if you dont have a mic, but if you can speak clearly we love to hear your voice too.

We play Monday Nights at 6pm EST to 11:30pm EST(sometimes go longer IF everyone is available)

Premade characters:
Yes I have some premade characters, so if you dont know anything about gurps we can get you on the fast track to playing.

Interested? Send an email to sabanknight at yahoo.com

09-25-2011, 01:29 PM
As requested, here are the Premade characters I have on hand:

Assassin Neophyte Drake Tyrell - A member of the assassin corps that just began his detachment to the UEF Millitary. Armed with an impressive array of premium gear making him lethal at ten feet or five hundred. Drake was orphaned as a child on earth, during the Pahbor occupation of earth. He was one of the rank and file workers in the slave cities which he promptly escaped, but knowing only the city he grew up in he stayed on the outskirts outsmarting the pahbor and living on scavenging. He was discovered by a recon mission by the assassin Odes Roling who noticed his resourcfulnes and still being young was a prime candidate for the assassin corps.

Chief Engineer Killian Roth - A refugee and former slave of the Pahbor empire early in his life he was taken from earth with his entire village in Austria they were relocated to the Mars bases for manufacturing and terraforming operations by the Pahbor. Soon it was obvious he had natural talent in dealing with machines even those he was unfamiliar with he always was able to work with beyond what any of his alien colleagues could. Making him a valuable asset he was moved across Pahbor space as an expert mechanic until his rescue in recent weeks that lead him to offer his aid to the UEF Navy.

Trevor Miller Civilian contractor Scientist - A skilled programmer and science wizard. He lived in one of the civilian colonies able to nurture his gifted brain as opposed to the harsh life in the slave cities. One of the few not enlisting or conscripted into service in the military he was taken in by one of the remaining corporations becoming an asset that was not long ignored by the government who were able to draw him into service as a Civilian contractor. His parents going into great debt to give him the education he needed the military gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse offering to clear the debts. He has tinkered in inventing since he was young and is quite skilled at it. His innovative thinking and knowledge of the physical sciences have made him a valuable asset for the navy securing a seat on the UES Mozart.

Kathrine Noris Asgaurdian Acolyte- A new initiate to the Asguardian order, A order designed as commanders and assassins to complete a task with any assets they need. Founded by Freya who was trained by a combination of earth and xeno resources. Freya created a group of fine tuned martial arts warriors skilled in the command role and the combat role. Kathrine was born on one of the Pahbor asteroid colonies trained in the maintenance of the facility that housed many pahbor. While on earth the uprisings were pushing to the stars the colony rose up independently, Kathrine one of the insighting members of the riots. The Pahbor stretched relatively thin even before the uprisings were forced to withdraw, Kathrine becoming a key member of the governing body when the UEF arrived folding them into the United Earth Federation. Kathrine was scouted as a brilliant individual and was subtley enticed into a life as an Asgaurdian Monk, putting country and race before all else as a servant to mankind.

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just a friendly bump, still looking for players.

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Experienced player who would like to join, don't know gurps though but am willing to learn.