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Alright, I'm sure that there's a thread somewhere for this, but I couldn't find it on this site. I really want to hear your devious/awesome spell combos from you guys. So. What are your favorite spell combos? Be sure to indicate what edition and what classes are involved.

Personally, I enjoy Aqueous Orb (wizard or druid) and Lightning Bolt (wizard) for my pathfinder wizard. You can also have a druid use their lightning spells.
You can switch it up with Aqueous Orb and Hideous Laughter (bard or wizard) Try holding your breath through gales of laughter. :P

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i know you asked for spell combos, but a lot can be borrowed or learned from this thread (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=10262.0) which i have copied over from the bg forums. i tend towards psionics anyway, so i hope you will find this list of psionic tricks useful.

my personal favorites are the steal steel quasi-immortality trick, and the save game trick.

(warning: weird formatting i cannot get rid of no matter what tricks i try....)

(link to original thread (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=10262.0))

This thread was compiled by kalaskaagathas (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?action=profile;u=1780).

Inspired by some of the stuff in this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=177665) I've decided to try my hand at writing a Psionic Tricks Handbook. It would be a sort of clearing house for psionic tricks, tactics, and combos. Trouble is, I'm no expert on what tricks you can pull with Psionics. So I humbly ask for help in this endeavor.

The MoI Recharge Trick -
The Recharge Trick uses Midnight Augmentation, Linked Power and Metapower to manifest Bestow Power (linked to with a lower power point cost than power points bestowed by Bestow Power. This allows your psychic to do his thing, all day long.
Feats: Midnight Augmentation, Linked Power, Metapower, Psicrystal Containment
Powers: Bestow Power, a first level power (Here I use Synchronicity)
1. Focus yourself and your Psicrystal
2. You choose Synchronicity to be effected by Midnight Augmentation, investing one essentia
3. Expend your Psychic Focus to manifest a Synchronicity (which you have chosen to permanently join Linked Power to by Metapower)
4. Expend your Psicrystal's Psychic Focus to manifest Synchronicity, linked to Bestow Power (Costs reduced by Midnight Augmentation for -1, and Metapower for -2, reducing the cost of the Synchronicity/Bestow Power combo to 1 PP)
5. Refocus yourself and your Psicrystal (Doable in one round, if you choose Synchronicity as your 1st level power)
6. Repeat 3-6

Minimum Level: 3 (Higher without Flaws + Human)

The Meditation Hustle -
The Meditation Hustle uses Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Meditation Twin Power, Linked Power, and Hustle to use one metapsionic feat per turn (with two every other turn)
Feats: Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Meditation, Twin Power, Linked Power
Powers: Hustle

1. Both you and your Psicrystal are focused
2. With your Swift, manifest Twinned Hustle linked to Hustle (expending both focuses - total PP cost 3+3+6 = 12.) - you now have two extra move actions, with a third one coming in the next round. Use the two extra move actions to regain both your focus and your psicrystal's, then take your other actions for the turn as normal (move and standard.)
3. Next round, your linked Hustle goes off. Use your swift again to repeat (2).
You now have 3 bonus move actions (2 from the twinned hustle, and the third one from last round's linked power.) Use two of them to regain your foci again, and you have your standard + 2 move actions. This of course means that you can manifest a standard-action power modified with two more metapsionic feats (any), use your two move actions to regain your foci, and start the cycle over from (1).

Minimum Level: 12

The Mad Minute-
The Mad Minute uses Temporal Acceleration, Fission, Affinity Field, and Synchronicity to effectively grant you infinite standard actions, at least until you run out of power points (remember never to go so low that you can't manifest an augmented Bestow Power to recharge).
Powers: Affinity Field, Fission, Synchronicity, Temporal Acceleration

1. Manifest Temporal Acceleration as a swift action for at least 3 rounds
A. Manifest Fission as your Standard Action for Temporal Acceleration round 1
B. Fissioned copy manifests Affinity Field
C. Fissioned copy manifests Synchronicity, augmented to 3 PP, which effects you both (via Affinity Field)
2. You use your standard action from Synchronicity to do as you will, your Fissioned Copy uses its standard action to manifest Synchronicity, repeat from 2.

Minimum Level: 17

Move by Wire-
Move by Wire uses Control Body and your Psicrystal to grant you extra physical actions. It requires a Psicrystal, and Solicit Psicrystal .
Powers: Control Body, Solicit Psicrystal
Feats: Psicrystal Affinity

1. Manifest Control Body, targeting yourself
2. Manifest Solicit Psicrystal, let your Psicrystal take over the concentration of Control Body
3. Have your Psicrystal force you to take a physical standard and move action
4. Repeat 3 for the duration of Control Body/Solicit Psicrystal

Minimum Level: 7

The Save Game Trick-
The Save State Psion 1.0
By Tleilaxu_Ghola

The Simple Summary
This trick works by abusing time hop to send your psicrystal days forward in time, and forced dream (Magic of Eberron 104), which will return him back in time to the moment you manifested time hop. Doing so will undo whatever caused your party to wipe, because the psicrystal's Dream began before you time hopped it. (Presumably while you were all alive and kicking.)

There's a couple of other things you'll need to make it work, below:

With this trick one is able to create "save" game points, with a minimal cost of 15 XP for psionic contingency. The trick allows one to adventure for a day and then reload the save game point if something went awry.

Forced Dream (Magic of Eberron 104)
Anticipatory Strike (Complete Psionic 78)
Time Hop (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/timeHop.htm) (Mass version (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/timeHopMass.htm) lasts longer, for a full day of adventuring)
Psionic Contingency (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/timeHopMass.htm)
A Psicrystal
Status (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/status.htm)
Imbue with Spell Ability (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/imbuewithspellability.htm)
Metamorphosis (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/metamorphosis.htm) - needed if your DM ignores Player's Handbook 177 that states a creature can suppress racial resistances/immunities to magic.
Sending Stones [Optional magic item] (Complete Arcane 150, 15K per linked pair)

Forced Dream: Psion/Wilder 3
Any time during the 1 round/level duration (or minutes per level with 4 pp augment), you can spend a swift action to restart your turn. As forced dream says, "When this effect is used, everyone and everything is reset to the state they were at when the subject's turn began. Any spells or abilities used are available again, any damage dealt is healed , any effects incurred are negated, any objects or creatures moved are reset to their original position, and so on. The only exception to this is that any power points spent to manifest forced dream are not recovered..." Forced dream ends when the swift action to do this is expended or when the duration expired.

The Trick
Manifest psionic contingency on your psicrystal placing a contingent ancipatory strike on him contingent on the event: returns to the normal time stream from a time hop.

If desired, share metamorphosis with your psicrystal to transform him into something that isn't immune to mind-affecting compulsions. Heck you could transform him into an object of any size if you wish. (Player's Handbook 177 states a creature can suppress racial resistances and immunities to magical/psionic effects, meaning metamorphosis is just for show.) Have the party Cleric use imbue with spell ability on the psicrsytal so that it can use the spell status. (A Spell to Power Erudite, Cerebremancer, Psychic Theurge or someone with an item can cast status himself.) Mix with affinity field if you wish the psicrystal to have knowledge of all party members' condition, though this requires a level 9 (!) power.

The psicrystal casts status on you or whatever party member you choose. This person's condition will determine whether or not the save state will be reloaded, so choose carefully. NOTE: Status will NOT work across planes! Be careful!

Manifest forced dream on your psicrystal at some time before you fear harm will befall you. Ready a standard action to manifest a contingent time hop on your party (+2PP per target) when the psicrystal moves. Tell the psicrystal to do so, advancing him hours / level ahead in time. With enough ML you can advance your psicrystal nearly a day. Adventure on your merry way, whilst your psicrystal is outside the time stream.

If your party succumbs to a TOTAL PARTY KILL, your psicrystal will still be alive and kicking the next day. No time will pass for him and when he comes out of the time hop and the contingency will grant him sufficient actions to check the status of the party, provided they are on the same plane as the psicrystal. (If on another plane, there's a 5% chance of failure.) The psicrystal may also use a Sending Stone to ask whether his master would like to reload or not. If the party member is under a certain condition or if the master tells the crystal to, the save state is reloaded as the psicrystal spends a swift action to return to the beginning of his turn, which began with you manifesting time hop on him right before he started moving. You may now retry whatever you failed to accomplish.

The Embrace of Mother Earth-

Minimum Level: 3 (if you ignore WBL)

You need:
1) Torc of Power Preservation (the more expensive one in the Expanded Psionic Handbook - NOT the cheaper one in the Magic Item Compendium)
2) Earth Power (and it's requirement, Earth Sense).
3) Bestow Power
4) At least one remaining power point (you could use Body Fuel, but that's a bad idea)
5) Natural stone to stand on

1) Psionically Focus Yourself (requirement for use of Earth Power)
2) Stand on the natural stone (requirement for use of Earth Power)
3) Manifest Bestow Power on yourself, do NOT augment it.
4) Repeat until full of power points.

What happens? Well, Bestow Power costs 3 points to manifest, and bestows two on the target (you). Earth Power reduces the cost by 1. The Torc of Power Preservation reduces the cost by 1. So you bestow yourself 2 power points at the cost of 1 power point.

You Squared-

Minimum Level: 17

You need:
1) Affinity Field
2) Bestow Power
3) At least 59 remaining Power Points
4) Fission (or another Psion with Bestow Power, but Fission is doing it with Style)

1) Manifest Fission (which costs 13 PP, and cuts your remaining power points in half - you'll need at least 23 remaining after that)
2) Manifest Affinity Field (Cost: 17 PP, you need at least 6 remaining when you're done)
3) You: Manifest Bestow Power on yourself, augmented as high as you dare (Giving yourself X*2/3 power points, costing you X power points - in the minimal example, you spend all 6 PP, to give yourself 4), and sharing it with your Fissioned duplicate (so 4 PP to you, 4 PP to your duplicate).
Fissioned Duplicate: Manifests Bestow Power on you, to the maximum it can without damaging itself, which is shared back by Affinity Field (it'll have at least 27 Power Points at this point, but could have a manifester level as low as 15, which we'll assume for here). So it spends 15 power points to give you 10, and itself 10 through Affinity field.
This round, you have spent 6 power points, and gone up by 14; your duplicate has spent 15 power points, and gone up by 14.
4) You: Manifest Bestow Power on yourself, augmented as high as you dare (you should have a minimum of 14 power points at this point - Spend 12 on Bestow Power, and you have 2, but gain 8 - for a total of 10... and 8 of those are also given to your duplicate.
Your Duplicate: Manifest Bestow Power on you (max of 15 points spent, ten for you, ten for your duplicate back through affinity field).
At this step, you've lost 12 power points, and gained back 18, for a six-point gain.
5) Go To 4 until either Fission or the Affinity Field expire.
6) After a few rounds, you'll have fully paid off your power point expenditure. Oh yes, and when you merge with your duplicate, you get all of it's power points as well - and it's power point total has been going up, too.

Note: Some DM's will read a particular line in Fission, and decide this doesn't work. If your DM does that, just make sure there's another party member with a manifester level of 6 or higher in the party that knows Bestow Power. This manifester takes the place of your Fissioned duplicate... and can actually make the effect slightly more efficient. It's less cool, though.

Tiny von BigMcLargeHuge-
I link this because it's a cool build and a hilarious idea. As far as I know, Tiny von BigMcLargeHuge relies on house rules to work.
Tiny von BigMcLargeHuge (http://%22http/www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132294%22)

The Fistfull of Manifester Arrows-
The Bundle of Manifester Arrows capitalizes on the fact that arrows are enchanted in groups of 50, and the Manifester quality can be read to supply 5PP per arrow.
GP: 18,302.5GP

1. Have 50 arrows enchanted as +1 Manifester Arrows
2. Gain +5PP per arrow, for the price of a +1 Manifester Longsword (which would only provide +5PP)
3. ???
4. Profit

The Masochistic Crystal Trick-
The Masochistic Crystal Trick is an old standby for psychics. It uses Share Pain, Vigor, and Psicrystal Affinity to double the number of Temporary HPs granted by Vigor
Powers: Share Pain, Vigor
Feats: Psicrystal Affinity

1. Manifest Vigor, sharing it with your Psicrystal
2. Manifest Share Pain, sharing it with your Psicrystal

Minimum Level: 3

The Psionic Dreadnought-
The Psionic Dreadnought uses Affinity Field, two (or more) 3rd level (or higher) thralls or followers, Bestow Power, Telekinetic Sphere, Solicit Psicrystal, and Burrowing Power to become the psionic equivalent of the USS Iowa.
Powers: Affinity Field, Bestow Power, Telekinetic Sphere, Solicit Psicrystal
Feats: Burrowing Power, Leadership
Classes: Thrallherd

1. Acquire followers or thralls
2. Manifest Telekinetic Sphere, surrounding yourself and your minions
3. Manifest Affinity Field
4. Manifest, using Burrowing Power, through your Telekinetic Sphere (Psicraft DC 31), raining death upon your enemies
5. Have your minions manifest Bestow Power on you, netting them 1 PP each (2 per manifestation, shared by Affinity Field) and you 4 PP

Minimum Level: 17

The Astral Construct Mega Armor and Astral Construct Mobile Entrapment work by encasing a character in an Astral Construct, either to grant said character bonuses (ACMA) or to trap them inside it (ACME). They both may be found here (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=10279.0).

The Carmen San Diego Trick-
The Carmen San Diego Trick uses Remote Viewing and Retrieve to approximate the thieving prowess of our favorite Red-Trenchcoat-and-Hatted-Globe-Trotting-Thief. It requires Overchannel or similar ability (or cost reducers) to pull off pre-epic. Because Remote Viewing allows you to "See" the target, you do not need to manifest Retrieve through Remote Viewing. It does require you to be within Retrieve range of the target. Red Hat and Trenchcoat are optional.
Powers: Retrieve, Remote Viewing
Feats: Overchannel
1. Manifest Remote Viewing on the target object (or a target within 30 feet of the object)
2. Manifest Retrieve on the target object

Minimum Level: 13

The Psionic Last Breath Trick-
The Psionic Last Breath trick allows you to preserve a fallen comrade to be raised for the cost of 200+ XP, rather than the sometimes prohibitive sum of 5000GP in Diamonds.
Powers:Time Hop, Psionic Revivify, Quintessence
Either cover your fallen comrade's body in Quintessence or manifest Time Hop on their corpse (an object)
Either bring the body (covered in Quintessence) to the Revivifie or bring the Revivifier to the place where the corpse will appear (after Time Hop runs its course)
Manifest Psionic Revivify on the corpse

Minimum Level: 9

Do the Wight Thing-
To Do the Wight Thing, one must have a critter under their control who can apply one negative level (such as a Wight, but anything that can apply one negative level at a time, with a type of negative level that will convert to real level loss, will do) and Psionic Restoration to generate 'free' XP. This can be done as soon as level 11 if one has a Ring of Spell Storing (which should also store powers, due to transparency).
Powers: Psionic Restoration
Critters: 1 Wight or Similar
Items: 1 Ring of Spell Storing

Store Psionic Restoration in the Ring of Spell Storing
Have the critter hit you with one negative level
3. Wait until the time rolls around for the Fort save on that negative level, and voluntarily fail it, converting it to real level loss, setting your XP to halfway between the level you were and the level before (e.g., if you were level 12, and got drained to 11th, you're halfway between 11th and 12th - 60,500 xp, which is 5,500 xp in excess of 11th).
4. Spend your newly-unlocked XP however you like (5,500 xp, for the character who starts this as a 12th level Egoist) - but watch the time limit!
5. Before the time limit expires (1 day per manifester level), use Psionic Restoration to wipe away the level loss, which brings you "up to the minimum number of experience points necessary to advance it to the next higher level".

Minimum Level: 11 (With Ring of Spell Storing, otherwise 12)

The Feat Battery Trick-
The Feat Battery Trick uses your Psicrystal (or Psionic Cohort/Thrall) as a source of extra feats, shared with you via the Feat Leach Power. This can grant you access to extra psionic or metapsionic feats.
Powers: Feat Leach, Psychic Reformation (not necessary but beneficial)
Feats: (A Psicrystal requires Wild Talent or Hidden Talent, you'll also need to give the Battery whatever feats you want to get)
1. You manifest Feat Leach on the 'Battery'
2. The 'Battery' voluntarily fails its Will Save
3. You gain up to your Wis mod in bonus feats

Minimum Level: 3
Note: A list of useful feats can be found here (http://%22http/www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9925072&postcount=56%22)

Garryl's Casual Disconcern for the Action Economy-
Garryl came up with this trick, which is yet another way for psychics (in this case, Ardents) to tell the Action Economy to shut up and sit down.

Doable as early as Ardent 10.
Requires: Ardent 10, Dominant Ideal ACF, Substitute Powers ACF, Time mantle, Synchronicity power, Linked Power feat.
Optional: Bestow Power power, Metapower feat.

With Dominant Ideal (set to Time Mantle), you spend 2 PP less (minimum 1 PP) and do not expend your psionic focus when using metapsionic feats or augmentations on powers from the chosen mantle. With Substitute Powers, you can put Synchronicity into the Time mantle. Thus, you can spend 1 PP to manifest Synchronicity linked to Synchronicity, which does not cost you any actions effectively, and grants you an extra standard action in the next round. Since you haven't expended your psionic focus, you can do this again (manifesting the power using the standard action granted by the first Synchronicity) to get as many extra actions as you want in the next round at the cost of 1 PP per action.

The option for the recharge comes when you link Synchronicity to Bestow Power. For 1 PP (base 4 PP, reduced by 4 between Metapower and Dominant Ideal), you gain 2 PP next round at no effective action cost to you. Thus, the amount of PP you can have access to increases at an exponential rate, close to doubling every round. Even if your DM rules that you can't have more PP in your pool at once than your normal maximum, you can still "float" the excess PP from round to round using the automatically readied standard actions granted by a linked Synchronicity manifested from the previous round.

The Psionic Sandwich-
The Psionic Sandwich (http://thestormwindfallacy.multiply.com/journal/item/76) was an attempt to build the most optimized useless character possible, back on 339. The nice thing about this trick is that Tleilaxu_Ghola found a way to effectively get a True Mindswitch without paying the 10,000XP cost.

Nijineko's Steal Steel-
Synopsis: To store one's body in a time-stopped state, but allowing one's mind to be free from the body and able to act.

Process overview: Separate the mind from the body. Preserve the body. Store the body. House the mind so that it is free to act.

Pros: Able to inhabit any edged metal (host) weapon within a certain radius at will. Able to exist for a few rounds outside of a "host". Can be affected only by a very limited list of effects; for example: effectively immune to all physical and energy damage. Body is immune to at least one (or two) rounds of damage, regardless of type. Effectively disguised as a minor magic item.

Cons: Complex requirements-limited entry. Requires daily (or more frequently, depending on character level) power point expenditure to survive. Cannot benefit from magic items, except for weapon crystals. (which fact went a long way towards placating my dm.) Can still be affected by mental and death effects. True seeing reveals that you are not a minor magic item.

Two to five feat slots filled with Expanded Knowledge Feat (manifester level 3rd).
Glove of storage (2,500 gp) or similar psionic item.
Psychic Reformation power (psion/wilder 4th level power, manifester level 7).
Compression power (psychic warrior 1st level power, manifester level 1-via expanded knowledge feat).
Crystalize power (shaper 6th level power, manifester level 11, must be shaper or use another expanded knowledge feat.)
Quintessence (shaper 4th level power, manifester level 7, must be shaper or use another epanded knowledge feat.)
Steal Steel (psion 5th level power, manifester level 9, unique power-via expanded knowledge feat)
Sufficient ranks of Autohypnosis to set up an unconscious hypnotic command.
Delay power feat if there is any question about the timing of the sequence of events.
Construct body feat or animate object power to activate the glove of storage.
Ring of sustenance to offset any minor quibbles of survivability, especially if the quintessence is canceled.

step one: compression (requires psychic reformation, and exp. know. feat)
this will reduce her weight to below the glove's limit, if augmented for double
step two: steal steel. (unique power, must be obtained from dragon in the forgotten
realms setting, or by dm permission/arrangement/fiat. )
this will allow her to escape her body and inhabit an edged weapon.
step three: crystalize.
this will preserve her reduced body and its life functions.
step four: use quintessence on the crystalized body.
this will timestop the duration of all non-permanent effects on her. it will also
serve as a measure of protection against damage, as if the glove is
destroyed, the violence of the gloves destruction would neutralize the
quintessence but leave enclosed items undamaged... till next round.
step five: use glove of storage on the compressed crystalized body.
if there is a question of activation, use psychic reformation to acquire
construct body feat, to wear a construct form long enough to active the glove.
step six: use quintessence on the glove.
this will time stop the duration of all non-permanent effects on her. it will also
serve as a measure of protection against damage, as if the dagger is
destroyed, the violence of the daggers destruction would neutralize the
quintessence but leave enclosed items undamaged... till next round.
step seven: store glove in the handle of the dagger.

since shrink cannot be used on a 'magic item', and crystalize results in a 'magic item', this route will allow the character to exist in the dagger. have the quintessence prepared ahead of time.

Psychoportation (Dex)
Level: Psion 5
Display: None
Manifestation Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 hour/level or until you return to your body (D) (see text)
Power Points: 9

You free your spirit from your body, allowing you to travel as an incorporeal creature and inhabit metallic blades (such as daggers, swords, and so on). While incorporeal, you cannot make attacks or use any abilities, but you can fly at speed 30 (perfect). You do not carry any equipment with you but gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Charisma bonus. You can remain incorporeal for up to 3 rounds in succession, after which the power ends and your spirit returns to its body. When incorporeal, you are affected by spells and powers that ward or harm such disembodied spirits or possession attempts, such as magic circle against evil, which prevents you from entering or attempting to possess any blade within the area.

While incorporeal, you can overlap a metallic blade with your incorporeal form and enter it fully. While "possessing" the blade in this manner, you can see, hear, and feel as well as a normal human. You can speak and use any powers or abilities you have that don't require somatic or material components (therefore psionic abilities function normally). You cannot move the blade unless you have magic or psionics that allow you to move objects (such as far hand, skate, or telekinesis). You can remain within a blade indefinitely, subject to the duration of the power. As a standard action you can vacate the blade and become incorporeal again, or transfer directly between two blades in physical contact at the time. A blade possessed by you can bypass damage reduction as if it had a +2 enhancement bonus, but it does not gain any bonuses to hit or damage. Damaging the blade causes you no harm, and destroying it merely returns you to your incorporeal form. At any time you can end the power as a standard action and immediately return to your body.

If you attempt to possess an intelligent blade, the blade resists and you must attempt a Will saving throw (DC = item's ego). Success means you possess the blade and can use its abilities in addition to your own (so if the weapon could teleport once per day, you could activate that ability and teleport yourself and the blade to your choice of locations). Failure means you possess the blade but cannot use its abilities or any of your own (you are essentially a passenger), although you can still leave the blade normally.

Your body remains behind, unconscious. Effects on your body (such as poison, disease, and so on) continue while you are away, and because your body is still alive, it still needs air, water, and food. If your body is killed, you die.Note: Another possible DM fiat, but the autohypnosis power could be used to self-program to auto expend the pp on the steal steel power. so long as one does not drop down below the minimum pp required to manifest it for 24+ hours.... I believe that there are other methods to get into an object more or less permanently, but this is one of the lowest level ones I can find.

Also note the unusual level-based duration. This article was published in June 2003, one month before the 3.5 phb was released, and a year or so before the exp psi was released... so this is definitely a 3.0 power.

Suck it Wizards, (Su) Psi and You-
Disclaimer!!! This trick is verging on T.O. /Disclaimer!!! Ok, with that out of the way, this is one beautiful trick. You see, according to the SRD:

Psi-Like Abilities (Ps)
The manifestation of powers by a psionic character is considered a psi-like ability

Psi-Like Abilities And Feats
Creatures with access to psi-like abilities can use the feats Empower Spell-Like Ability and Quicken Spell-Like Ability.
Which means that your manifesting is a valid target for feats which effect Spell-Like Abilities. Like, say, Supernatural Transformation (http://www.realmshelps.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Supernatural_Transformation). Now, the benefits of making your manifesting into an (Su) power are manifold - they are no longer subject to Dispell Magic/Psionics, they are no longer effected by PR/SR, and the big one, they no longer have an XP cost to manifest. Now, the Sage has said that Supernatural Transformation does not apply to class based abilities, as it says "Innate Spell-Like Ability" in the feat description. However, this is not RAW and it could be argued that Psionic ability is in fact innate - to quote the SRD:

Powers And Power Points
Psionic characters manifest powers, which involve the direct manipulation of personal mental energy. These manipulations require natural talent and personal meditation.
So, if you take Supernatural Transformation and apply it to your manifesting, you gain a host of benefits. Sprinkle in Spell-to-Power Erudite to taste and you've got one wicked character.
Feats: Supernatural Transformation
Take Supernatural Transformation, apply directly to Manifesting
Dodge DMG, XPH, Boot, etc. to the head (And one for Jenny and the wimp)

Minimum Level: 1

Power Surge-
You will need:

- Wild Surge +3 or Font of Power
- Bestow Power (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/bestowPower.htm)
- [recommended] A Torc of PP Preservation
- [optional] A psionic cohort or party member

This tricks lets you generate infinite power points - either to recharge your own reserve or someone else's. As a Metamind, your ability to do this is more limited and comes online much later, but is also more reliable.

As a Wilder:
1) Manifest Bestow Power, targeting yourself.
2) Wild Surge +3, paying for one augmentation.
3) If successful, you will have spent 3 points and gained 4, before any PP reduction e.g. Torc of PP or Earth Power.
4) Repeat as needed to refill your PP reserve. (but see "Psychic Enervation" below.)

As a Metamind:
1) Pour all your remaining PP into cognizance crystals, or Bestow it to your party members when they run low.
2) Activate Font of Power
3) Manifest Bestow Power, targeting whoever needs it (starting with you), augmented as high as you can.
4) Repeat (3) until everyone is recharged or FoP ends ten rounds later.

Special: Place an Affinity Field on yourself, and you can refill your own reserve and that of the entire party simultaneously.

Sidebar: Psychic Enervation
The Wild Surge method can be done earlier (level 7) but carries with it the risk of psychic enervation - the chance that your attempt to recharge is cancelled out by all the PP you lose. We can use the mean probability formula to determine how many PP this trick will gain you on average.

If you Wild Surge +3, your chance of enervation is 15%, or 0.15. If you enervate, you will lose PP = to your wilder level. Therefore, at level 7, the outcome will be:

(net PP gained w/o enervation)(chance of success) + (net PP lost w/ enervation)(chance of failure)

= (1)(0.85) + (-6)(0.15) = -0.05 before PP reduction. (On average you gain nothing, and actually end up worse off if you do this 20 or more times.)

With PP reduction = 1 it becomes:
= (2)(0.85) + (-5)(0.15) = +0.95, now on average you gain PP.
With PP reduction >= 2 you no longer need Wild Surge and can instead just Bestow Power yourself directly with no chance of failure.

This is why PP reduction helps the trick work reliably, but you can still refill others without it - the PP you lose from enervating won't be taken from their total.

Suicide (A Do the Wight Thing Variant)-
This fuctions as normal for "Do the Wight Thing", but instead of using a Wight or some other level-draining critter, you use Fission (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/fission.htm), and kill your duplicate - giving you a negative level, which you leave until it becomes real level loss. Then continue with Do the Wight Thing as normal.

Diamonds are Forever-

Diamonds are Forever is a method to truly, really, permanently change your form. This requires you really, really lose a level (Restoration won't help), as it's by death. But the way it works is as follows:
1) Get the form with abilities you want (whether that's by Mind Switch (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/mindSwitch.htm), Metamorphosis (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/metamorphosis.htm), or any other method.
2) While in said form, manifest Astral Seed (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/astralSeed.htm)
3) Let the method of switching forms expire.
4) Kill yourself.
5) Make a new body from your astral seed - which is "a living, breathing body that is an exact duplicate of your body at the time you manifested astral seed (the crystal itself breaks down and becomes a part of the new organic body). When the tenth day ends, you completely and totally inhabit the new body. You possess all the abilities you possessed when astral seed was manifested, at one level lower, but you have none of your equipment."

Congrats - it cost you a level, but hey: Instant change of shape. If you're an Egoist-17 with Greater Metamorphosis, this lets you get Supernatural abilities, too.

Shards of Leadership-
This trick uses nested leadership to effectively grant a 17th (or higher) level Cohort to a 2nd level character.
Feats: Psicrystal Affinity, Improved Psicrystal, Leadership
Take Psicrystal Affinity and Improved Psicrystal until your Psicrystal has 6HD
Have your Psicrystal take Leadership and pick a level 4 Human Psion as its Cohort
Have your Psicrystal's Cohort repeat step 1 until his/her Psicrystal has 7HD
Have your Psicrystal's Cohort's Psicrystal take Leadership and choose a 5th level Human Psion (with at least 12 Charisma) who repeats step one to attract an 8HD Psicrystal
Repeat previous steps until a Psion Cohort of 17th level is attracted
Minimum Level: 2 (Human with two flaws)

Frickin' Laser Beams-
Use energy conversion, a psicrystal (with metamorphosis to remove immunity to mind-affecting effects), schism, Chain Power, Split Psionic Ray, Overchannel, Greater/Psionic Shot, and Aligned Attack/a chasuble of fell power, along with energy wall to charge it up, to deal up to (8x[ML+3]x3)+7d6 damage (and half damage to tons of secondary creatures) every single round, and all for the cost of one energy conversion and one energy wall (both manifested beforehand) and a schism (a psychoactive skin can take care of the metamorphosis bit).

Erudite Concerto-
The Erudite Concerto gets you around your UPD limit. (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=10262.msg368146#msg368146)

The Meditation Hustle is the work of Psyren, over on GitP
The Mad Minute is the work of Jack_Simth, over on GitP
The MoI Recharge Trick is the work of another (Does anyone know whom?)
The Move by Wire trick is my own
The Embrace of Mother Earth is the work of another
You Squared is the work of another
The Save Game Trick is the work of Tleilaxu_Ghola
Tiny von BigMcLargeHuge is the work of Lycanthromancer
The Psionic Dreadnought is the work of Emo_Duck
Thanks to Stegyre for explaining the MoI Recharge Trick to me
ACMA and ACME belong to Endarire
The Carmen San Diego Trick by jameswilliamogle
The Psionic Last Breath Trick is the work of Psyren
The Do the Wight Thing Trick is the work of Jack_Simth
The Feat Battery Trick is the work of another (possibly Lycanthromancer?)
Garryl's Casual Disconcern for the Action Economy is the work, fittingly enough, of Garryl
The Psionic Sandwich is the work of Tleilaxu_Ghola
Nijineko's Steel Steal is, of course, Nijineko's
Suck it Wizards, (Su) Psi and You is the work of Lycanthromancer
Power Surge is the work of Psyren
Suicide is the work of Jack_Simth
Diamonds are Forever is the work of Jack_Simth
Shards of Leadership is the work of Godskook
Frickin' Laser Beams is the work of Lycanthromancer
Erudite Concerto is the work of Psyren
A Fistful of Manifester Arrows is the work of Lycanthromancer

1 December 2010 - Changed the Move by Wire trick to include Solicit Psicrystal
1 December 2010 - Added the Save Game trick
1 December 2010 - Added The Embrace of Mother Earth
1 December 2010 - Added You Squared
1 December 2010 - Added Tiny von BigMcLargeHuge
1 December 2010 - Added the Fistfull of Manifester Arrows
1 December 2010 - Fixed the 'Racial Requirement' line in The Embrace of Mother Earth
2 December 2010 - Added the Masochistic Crystal
3 December 2010 - Added the Psionic Dreadnought
3 December 2010 - Fixed the MoI Recharge Trick
3 December 2010 - Added ACMA and ACME
4 December 2010 - Added the Carmen San Diego Trick
10 December 2010 - Added The Psionic Last Breath Trick
10 December 2010 - Added the Do the Wight Thing Trick
10 December 2010 - Added the Feat Battery Trick
16 December 2010 - Added Garryl's Casual Disconcern for the Action Economy
20 December 2010 - Added the Psionic Sandwich link
26 December 2010 - Added Nijineko's Steel Steal Trick
27 December 2010 - Added Suck it Wizards, (Su) Psi and You
9 January 2011 - Added Power Surge
9 January 2011 - Added Suicide
9 January 2011 - Added Diamonds are Forever
9 January 2011 - Added Shards of Leadership
9 January 2011 - Added Frickin' Laser Beams
20 January 2011 - Added Erudite Concerto
16 February 2011 - Added source on A Fistful of Manifester Arrows

09-17-2011, 05:10 PM
duplicate post, sorry.

09-23-2011, 02:37 PM
Double Black Tentacles (or as I call it, Raunchy Anime) is a fun one. Put one on the floor, and one on the ceiling. I found this one on some other forums, and I found it extremely useful. At least until the party fighter (bless his heart) tried to run through it. *shrug* Though I could see a DM not allowing this spell to be cast above the other. My DM let me use it to throw the monsters between two patches, even though you're really not supposed to be able to move foes. That's a level 4 spell for wizards/sorcerer in pathfinder, I believe.

I found this one too, and I loved it quite a bit. Dimension Door high into the air and Featherfall. You have plenty of time to buff yourself and any allies you take with you. Be careful, though. This leaves you vulnerable to ranged attacks, and you're leaving your allies with that many fewer party members. (protection from arrows?) DDoor is level 4, FF is level 1 in 3.5 and pathfinder.

This one isn't actually a combo, but I've enchanted my backpack with Magic Mouth so that it screams and says insulting things when accessed by anyone other than me or my familiar. The party bard (who acted like a rogue) learned the hard way why it's rather impractical to steal from me. Of course, he later convinced my familiar to steal stuff for him. That was in 4e (never again), however it can also be used in 3.5 or pathfinder if you use a Permanency spell. (so I suppose it really IS a combo.)

^Is it just me, or does the psionic class seem a bit more daunting to play now? XD

09-23-2011, 03:31 PM
Erm... web and fireball? The web reduces the chance of your enemy dodging the fireball, and then it burns up over the next round, dealing more damage. Fire fire fire...

(and yes, psions just lost some of their glitter)


09-24-2011, 04:50 PM
heheheheh. the only problem is that anything psions or psionics can do, wizards and/or clerics can also do, and then top. i guess i really should hunt up some of the spell tricks threads for you. if you think the psionics are out there, the spell tricks are simply ludicrous.

some of the simpler ones that occur to me off the top of my head:

grease + gust of wind = provoke AoOs / push opponents into convenient terrain features (cliff, pit, etc...)
grease + cloud spell = lots of irritation.
entangle/tentacles + cloud spell = even more irritation.
sovereign glue as splash weapon = fun and amusement.
stone to sand (on cavern ceilings) = aggressive redecoration.
numerous shrink items + gravity + cancel/dispel shrink = ouch.
reverse gravity + gust of wind = blow them away.

plus a few more from another location...

Available By Levels 1-10

Bestow Power: Discounted manifesting repeated for unlimited power points.

Explained Here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=8475520&postcount=6) and here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=8478584&postcount=42) by RadicalTaoist and psly4me
Fission version (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=7052107&postcount=31) by cyberpunk

Consumptive Field: Repeated overlapping castings of consumptive field, sometimes accompanied by a dual-caster-level-progression combo, can lead to limitless Str and CL.

"infinate" caster level loop (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=543715) by deathwishjoe.

Diplomacy Specialists: Continually high Diplomacy bonuses which render all NPC interactions entirely one-sided.

Record Diplomacy Build (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=371519) by Interested2

Dragonwrought Kobold Oldies: Kobolds with the Dragonwrought feat qualify for Epic Feats at low low level.

The Cheesewrought Instabold (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?p=8529923) by LordofProcastination et al.

Electroshock Therapy:Changing shape into a Shambling Mound or Zeugalak and hitting oneself with a repeated source of electrical damage to produce limitless Constitution or Dexterity. Converted by other traits into outrageous bonuses elsewhere.

The Beast (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=6449124) by Squirrelloid

Energy Transformation Field: A permanent spell which can produce limitless single-spell outputs in a specific location.

Explained Here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=586202) by Vanigo.

Festering Strength: Festering Anger disease + Cancer Mage (or some other mitigation factor) to produce limitless Strength.

Explained here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=8545535&postcount=83) by Dark Kyosuke.

The Ghola Character: An attempt to equal the grandeur of Pun-Pun while abstaining from manipulate form.

The Ghola Character (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=777565) by Tleilaxu_Ghola

Limitless Spells per Day: The Wand Surge feat and combos for giving renewable action points results in a free spell castable every round in a day.

Endless Spells (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=565966) by LordofProcrastination.

Make a Wish: The Gate clause of the Candle of Invocation leads to wish-related hi-jinks. And by hi-jinks, we mean infinite wishes.

The Infinite Wish Loop: Candle of Invocation Optimization (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=705721) by BarbeChenue.

Nasty Gentlemen: Symbionts used to multiply the effects of spells up to thousands of times over.

Dirty Trick #4 (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=563976) by LordofProcrastination
Dirty Damage Combo (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=573196) by psly4me

Perpetual Damage Machine: A damage feedback loop which produces infinite bonuses to attacks, skills, and saves.

Dirty Trick #2 (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=546613) by LordofProcrastination
The Omniscificer (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=546612) by LordofProcrastination

Pun Pun: Use of the Sarruhk's Manipulate Form ability to acquire all capabilities in the game.

The most powerful character. EVER (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=491801) by Khan the Destroyer

The Synchronicity Shuffle: Using the synchronicity power in conjunction with Psycrystal Containment and an infinite source of power points leads to an infinite-action loop.

Explained here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showpost.php?p=7031931&postcount=27) by DisposableHero_.

Tainted Spellcasting: Undead and evil-subtype characters are immune to the negative effects of Taint, which can be used in the Tainted Scholar prestige class to gain an unlimited virtual spellcasting ability.

Explained Here (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?p=8519010) by Kresalak

Templates for Free: By either using Effigies, the tauric template or lycanthropy, it is possible to stack up a massive amount of templates for minimal LA investment.

Mr. Roboto (http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=530759) by deathwishjoe

09-24-2011, 06:16 PM
A few simple ones off the top of my head...

Magic Fang + Enlarge Person: Don't just make your teeth sharper, make the bigger.

Grease + [anything that does fire damage]: Slippery field of flames. Use Widen or Sculpt Spell for extra goofiness.

Forcecage (Windowless cell version) + Create Water: The famous water box trick. Just hope your enemies aren't Houdini...

Flesh to Stone + Shape Stone: Turn them into a lawn ornament, then make that ornament pretty. Or fuse his hands to his face, whatever. Follow up wth Stone to Flesh for some good old-fashioned sadism.

Gate + Gate: One at an elevated position directly above your enemy. One directly below. Watch in amusement as foe gains terminal velocity before the spells expire. Splat.

Explosive Runes + Illlusory Script: Best Decoy spellbook ever. Either they succumb to the IS and fall for your suggestion to quit looking through your crap. Or they explode. For bonus points, plant the suggestion "bring the book back to Master."

09-25-2011, 03:41 PM
Also, for druids ( or anyone that can find/afford to pay a druid for services)
Wood shape + Ironwood: dirt cheap +1 weapons/armor, That druids can use freely.

09-25-2011, 08:48 PM
Most of these combos do not work if you read the rules.
Per RAW Aqueous Orb and Lightning Bolt (etc.) does nothing special, just the normal effects of the spells. It does not deny the reflex save, do more damage, or anything else.
Per RAW the grease (+anything) tricks, gate tricks, tentacle tricks, etc. do not work at all.
I don't even use the psionics in my games and notice several problems without even delving into them deeply.

I suppose if you play with a weak willed/push over DM who ignores or doesn't know the rules, they may work.

I am not looking to start a war, just stating the facts.

09-25-2011, 09:31 PM
I disagree. :D

DMs are allowed the one golden rule of PnPRPGS: Ad Hoc. They are allowed to improvise rules for nonstandard situations, or override rules that don't make sense. It's not necessarily low-will or ignorance to the rules.

Tell me this, can you avoid in any way being shocked when a body of water that you're sitting in is electrocuted? Also, did you know that if a player uses mage hand to drop a 5-pound rock from 50 ft., even though it would be potentially fatal to anyone in the real world, it yields absolutely NO damage according to the rules.

Personally, I allow my players to at least attempt things so long as they make sense. It's not that I don't know the rules. I feel that it encourages them to look at situations in a different way, and to try new things. That, and the rules occasionally don't really make sense. :P

---------- Post added at 08:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:13 PM ----------

BTW, if you disagree with the mage hand trick, think about it like this: If the player extends mage hand beyond it's limits, it stops moving or otherwise holding the 5 lb. rock. It's not the spell doing damage (which would conflict with the rules), but the generally accepted rules of the world: Gravity.

09-25-2011, 11:32 PM
i didn't research the magic tricks, but all the psionic tricks work per RAW, though some fail the RAI test. as i play psionics a lot, those i bothered to research. a number of them are due to poor wording of the rules, etc., but technically they are all rules legal.

09-28-2011, 09:39 AM
I will admit both the grease and the gate trick require a bit of DM willingness to go along with it, but as hopesfirexx pointed out, hopefully your DM is not going to blinded by RAW when encountering the first player to ever consider setting a patch of oil on fire. Besides those two though, everything I've presented works RAW. That's what makes them simple.

09-28-2011, 10:24 PM
another fun one is to time hop someone into the future, and then fill up the area with walls which would probably cause them shunting damage, or use walls to build a cage for them. ^^ delayed blast effects are another fun option. plus explosive. plus they hit the walls of the cage... or get immobilized in an unlikely position if you are careful in how you build your various walls in combination with shunting....

09-29-2011, 01:39 PM
Something that a lot of gamers don't know is just how difficult thick oil - or even LAMP oil - to get lit and STAY lit. Simply tossing a torch into a puddle of lamp oil is very likely to make the torch sputter and go out (if the oil is deep enough). If it is just a 1/2"(1cm) puddle, when initially lit, a quick wave of a blanket or tower shield will likely put the flames out. I would happily stand in a 20' diameter puddle of lamp oil and let eight people use lighters to ignite the oil at the eight cardinal and sub-cardinal directions... then I would calmly walk out with no fear.

Well, the biggest fear I would have is slipping on the slippy-stuff (it's a word... don't judge me!) and getting my clothes all ooky. Fire wouldn't even be a concern.

Heavier oils - like motor oil - are even more difficult to ignite.

This all being said, once actually lit and ACTIVELY burning (the oil is warming and putting off more gasses), they would be EXTREMELY difficult to extinguish.

HOWEVFER, once lit, the smoke will be horrible!

Now - GASOLINE - would be a MUCH different beast.

Yeah, FINALLY my career in environmental protection pays off!! WOOT!!

09-29-2011, 09:23 PM
if you want to be mean, you can use shape stone on your wall filled space to make a statue large enough to hold them, and put them in interesting poses and expressions.

10-01-2011, 10:25 PM
Hold Person, then Stone Shape... That would be cool as anything!! If nothing else, wrap their legs/feet in stone boots so they are immobile!! I like that!

10-01-2011, 10:40 PM
all you need to finish off that combo are some zoot suits, a short pier, and a long walk....