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09-15-2011, 05:02 PM
“Rise of the Shadow King”

Woe to the lands of Noric, for few had foreseen which evil the Wizards of Eathenfell conspired within the darken halls of Gaudrudord Hold. Corrupted from within, one by one the confederacy of lords fell. Till none were left to withstand the dark tide that washed over their lands, the iron order of the wizards and the rule of the Shadow King.

North Seattle 3.5 D&D Group looking for a few more players and Dm’s alike. Looking to start up a steady dnd 3.5 game group to meet-up bi-weekly Thursday evenings, for home brew open-table, open-Dm, continuous campaign.

What we had in mind was that we would begin with an established little bit of a developed campaign map and run a series of adventures and scenarios to establish background continuity. And leave other little areas open or blank so that as players build their characters they would have the option, possably as part of their back-stories, of additionally contributing and building parts of the campaign world, and the option of running a few scenarios themselves.

Have several players already, but looking for one or two more slots to fill out the group. All level of experience and new players welcome. The group is composed of experienced and in-experienced, middle aged, none mini/max minded players looking to get back into playing some good old, well prepared and well thought out Dnd sessions. If interested, please contact us.

09-19-2011, 04:26 PM
We are opening with a theme option of returning heirs to a collection of small neighboring feudal states and as an incentive for the player to invest in to the offered backdrop story (which is optional), I’m offering a few bonus feats related to hierarchical titles and to an added reputation system on a first come first serve basis. So a player character can have the option of direct involvement with one of the three establish small human feudal states (Bellamoor, Caradin, Sadok, Eathenfell, each having an established history/ hierarchical story, which the further details on each I’m emailing out). Or possably a feudal state not yet included and drafted by the player, tailored to their characters back story, or that of one of the neighboring racial cultures so one could play a prince of elves or the offspring of a great dwarven hero etc. Hopefully adding an element of political intrigue and an environment malleable by the players themselves.

we are planning on starting Thursday September 29th around 6 till 10-11, addtionally we still have one or two slots still open for any that would be interested.

09-20-2011, 06:38 PM
I'm interested in joining you gentlemen (and/or ladies). The only problem is that I have a college course that runs until 8:10PM on Thursdays. Is it going to be possible to work something out? I'm completely free on Fridays.

10-07-2011, 10:13 AM

The concept of the game seems interesting and the time slot works very well for me. Is it too late to join in?

10-08-2011, 11:49 AM
Hey Claive, your more then welcome to join in. Our first game will be on the 13th (we had a delayed start, so the 13th will be the first session.) right now we're anywhere around 3-7 players, depending on all who show up and commit.

we are redirecting all communications to a new Seattle DND Meet-Up thread to get all communications in one location for the campaign. if you could post there i'll send you location and character details.

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