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09-14-2011, 10:56 PM
Time: 3:30 P.M PST on thursday.
Setting: Homebrew Campaign
Starting level: 6, all players will have the same level and level up together.
Equipment and funds: 1,500 GP to spend on equipment and other items. Adventure's kit is free. You get a free magic item at level 6 or lower and one free magic item at level 7 or 6. ( no wonderdrous items are allowed to be choosen as part of your free magic item and can't be purchased for equipment. Unless you discuss to me about the wonerdous item you want to purchase.). If character has ritual components they will be paid for 3 times use of that ritual.

Classes Looking for: Dedicated Defender and dedicated controller. Example: (Seeker, paladin, fighter,...and etc). No essential classes.
Multiclassing: No multi-classing will be allowed for this campaign.
Races Allowed: No warforge, shardmind, and elves. No essential races
Alignment: unaligned to lawful good.
Method of generating ability scores: Use an array, standard point buy system, Roll dice, (4d6, keep the best 3 and add them for one ability score. Then continue to do this for all ability scores.), and extreme rolls (Experimental method of rolling dice where you roll 4d20 and keep one as the best. Continue to do this for all ability scores.).
Dice rolls: All rolls will be in maptools. The players are responsible for rolling their dice for their actions. DM will roll for the NPC,monsters and odd events.
Character background: Brief character background.
Type of campaign: 50% roleplaying/ 50% battles. Please realize that not every session will have a battle in it.
Books allowed: All books except for essential series.
Current party: Wizard, Ranger, Ardent, and Warlord.

Summary of Campaign: There is a civil war between the black vanguards vs red vanguards. The party decided to help out the red vanguards because one of the main characters knew the vanguard that is in charge battle operations. The party has successful cut off the supplies for the black vanguards and earn approval from the red vanguards.

The party decided to head to Sentry. In Sentry they helped out the vanguards located there. While inside sentry, they notice sinister things about such as Asmodeus cultist lurking the scenery. They discover that the Asmodeus cultist had a hidden hq located in Sentry. The party disguise themselves to enter the hq and discover the secrets to a cultist protest as well as dealings with the black vanguard.

After the party have discovered the hidden hq, they came to know that someone from the vanguard hq was missing and decide to investigate into the matter.

I try to be very brief in this description. Please post on this thread if you are interested or send me a private message.