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CondorDM's schedule -
Play Times : 10 pm Atlantic, 9 EST start and goes until people get tired - Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Skull Horn Society -
Your Joining a world wide guild, fun adventure, interesting interaction, amazing puzzles, a mind field of traps, not just "hit, miss" hack n slash an of course mystery await you.

This is an important rule - Scheduling issues should not be a problem here at advanced dungeons and dragons 2nd edition revamp. The guilds uses a magical system to bring characters back to a guild branch or sends characters out into the field with a party. Meaning DM can bring players in an out of a session, you only need to show when you are in the mood to play. This means i can take on a large number of players but only DM 6 players per session.

Willing to take new players on who don't know how to play but wanna learn and willing to do some reading.

Character Creation is very easy.

Audio Introduction - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ZjpT_t60c
DMing Resume -
I have ran up to 23 campaigns online, 10 years in total running games online. 20 years of table top gaming, i also run for two table top groups(Meaning the count of campaigns here are only the online campaigns i speak of) each once a month as well as running here. 18 campaigns completed, most going close to 600 sessions, nothing less then 400 session, the uncompleted campaigns each went above 100 sessions.
To answer some criticism most people assume up-front -

I do not aim to run a heavy rp interaction or hack n slash game, i put the same hard working effort into all areas of the game though i do not try an balance things out, i give what the situation calls for. That maybe heavy rp interaction for several sessions or hack n slash for a number of sessions, mixed if the situation calls for it.

Wisdom ability stat has been taken out due to no cleric class and skills do not work off ability scores here.

Alignments are cut down to three, home brewed versions of course to fit the game, i am sure there are a million reasons players could give me to allow the others but i won't be. You may throw your opinion at me on this but it most likely will turn me off from wanting to DM you, so if your truly interested in joining the game please consider this fact.

We also run side games -
Zombie Game -
The game is set in the real world with a fictional twist, your in the country Haven, it is located along western side of Canada and The United States Of America. Haven is a mix of both countries(copy cats you might say, gives the DM a lot creative freedoms in designing the setting for this game).

Your located in Grandar state, this is where the virus started and here is how you tie into all of that -

Background -
As the last year comes along of college, a few college friends mourn the loss of a friend. Brim passed away, he was a scientist an left what he said was his break threw work unfinished(well untested).
His loyal friends(you the player characters) decided to finish off what he started an get him credit for the work done in death that he never got in life.
Without knowing one of their friends teachers copied his work after his death. They stepped into to these large machines in the colleges basement, before they knew it they were laying down an the lid closed capturing them in the machines. During this time the teacher had made a failed mistake, he was using a sample of germs Brim used for this project an turned them into viruses instead of an aid.
Visit Our Forum - http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com (http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com/)
Free to download just search "skype" on google, easy to load onto your computer, simply do the quick registering an your ready.
All you gotta do is fine me by searching condordm @hotmail .com

I use skype to DM, you may use text or even mic if you wish.

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Visit Our forum - http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com (http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com/)

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Visit Our forum - http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com (http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com/)

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Visit Our forum - http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com (http://advanceddnd2edrevamp.proboards.com/)

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Sounds interesting if it were a pbp I would have took you up on it.

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I am interested in joining your game i currently play pathfinders for lake of love for 4e,but would love to play so more ad&d,or 2e which i have never played.The second edition really sparks my fancy i already have skype and a few ad&d books,please contact me if only to tell me anything!

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