View Full Version : Shadowrun 4th Edition

09-09-2011, 12:21 PM
I am running a game that was played on Sunday, but now is moving it's day so that a player who had his workdays changed can still play. Game is 5pm til close on Fridays.

Standard 400 point build of a PC (yes, I got a CharGen you can use, also I can help you make your PC/loan you a NPC built as a PC so you can try out the game).

The Game Keep is located in Hermitage, just East of Nashville (in fact you won't even know that you left Nashville city limits!). Karl (the owner) phone # (615) 883- 4800 if you need directions. Or Contact me either here (tim.mineshine) or at Gmail (tim.mineshine@gmail.com), or if you wish give me a call at (615)781-2701.