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http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Homunculus1-232x300.jpg (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Homunculus1.jpg)Master Pett’sYour Whispering Homunculus*presents only the finest in British gaming. Indeed, you are not likely to find a more comprehensive assortment of miscellany anywhere.

(So much more than just another bloke in a dress.)

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“Everyone has their price, they say.”


“Pay attention slimelet, or the teaching stick may make another appearance before breakfast.”

“Your punishments are just and wise Master.”

“Now, everyone has his price, they say, but what would your price be, blemish?”

“Ah, that’s easy your vastness. Gold.”

“As I thought, gold, and what would you do with gold?”

“Use it to buy objects to aid you, mighty one.”

“And what would these objects be, exactly?”

“The strange, the outré, the macabre. Objects from beyond our shores and whispers and secrets from ancient cabals.”

“So, gargoyle, everything too has its value…”


A magnificent golden goblet set with rubies worth 2,000 gp; a sceptre of platinum wreathed in opals and set with silver worth 5,600 gp; a fabulous earring set with rubies and jade dancing in a circlet of sunshine made of gold worth 3,200 gp. While it’s easy to place a price on standard objects, there are those treasures that may be beyond price or that find a price difficult to gauge.

Some items may be virtually worthless in their own right, but to the right collector, they have significant value or have a greatly increased value because of their very nature. These objects do not require any hard selling, but locating a buyer may not always be easy. Items listed hereafter are, on the face of it, quite low in value. However, to a collector of the strange, their value may be high. Such objects often require an Appraise check (DC 20) to identify them as beyond merely curious; however, they also require a Diplomacy check (gather information) to locate the right buyer. In a city, the DC check to locate someone interested in buying such items is 15, for smaller settlements the check increases to 20 or even higher as you judge appropriate.

The first price is the common value of the item, the second is its value to the right collector. As ever, spice up the odd treasure hoard with an object or two from this list, make them the subject of an NPC side-quest during an adventure, or have an object sold cheaply by the PCs become the subject of future gossip.

A child’s toy chariot with the face made from a stuffed growling dog 2 gp/20 gp
A corkscrew set with faces of howling jackals 2 gp/20 gp
A skull set with glass eyes 2 gp/20 gp
A mummified human face 2 gp/20 gp
A choker-skull sconce 2 gp/20 gp
A leather pig with two heads 3 gp/30 gp
A set of fanged false teeth 3 gp/30 gp
A two headed iron snake with cat heads 3 gp/30 gp
An unsettling clay figurine of a whale with a mouth full of victims 3 gp/30 gp
A pair of fused gnome skulls 3 gp/30 gp
A pair of repulsive metal bells designed like bloated women eating fish 4 gp/40 gp
A drum, set with gargoyle teeth and woven with choker sinews 4 gp/40 gp
An ankheg chitin candlestick set with ankheg eyes 4 gp/40 gp
A grotesque* mask set with strange lenses over the eyes 4 gp/40 gp
A book of high quality illustrations of whales 5 gp/50 gp
A chair carved to represent a hydra 5 gp/50 gp
A door, with knocker made of strirge bones 5 gp/50 gp
A mounted nightmare head 5 gp/50 gp
A broad necklace of fancy stones and cyclops fingers 5 gp/50 gp
A mummified baboon head gourd 5 gp/50 gp
A screaming clown mask made from a real clown’s face 6 gp/60 gp
A preserved, mummified human female head with hair still intact, in a cabinet 6 gp/60 gp
A mahogany cabinet containing twenty ape skulls 6 gp/60 gp
A walking cane bound in gremlin flesh with a death figure 6 gp/60 gp
A treatise on xorns 6 gp/60 gp
A crocodile skull paperweight with a hidden (presently empty) vial (discovered on a DC 15 perception) 7 gp/70 gp
A set of 4 very large death masks 7 gp/70 gp
A huge wooden octopus lamp 7 gp/70 gp
A huge leather dog collar large enough for an elephant and set with obsidian teeth on the inside 7 gp/70 gp
A whale shaped bottle filled with ambergris 7 gp/70 gp
A shrunken head banner with 20 heads set as a pyramid 8 gp/80 gp
A collection of stuffed humming birds and a small library of books on their habits 8 gp/80 gp
An obscenely bloated human skull in a small walnut cabinet 8 gp/80 gp
A sahaugin young skull chandelier 8 gp/80 gp
A pickled and preserved darkmantle in a display case 8 gp/80 gp
The lower jaw of a bulette 9 gp/90 gp
A glass cabinet containing a whole naga backbone 9 gp/90 gp
A travelling cabinet of dried darklands fungi and lichens with labels 9 gp/90 gp
The whole preserved and mounted skeleton of a satyr 9 gp/90 gp
An altar piece and lectern made of small skulls 9 gp/90 gp
A monkey puppet made from a preserved mummified monkey 10 gp/100 gp
A stuffed donkey head with flapping jaw 10 gp/100 gp
A black fan made of kobold skin with graphic images of kobold torment 10 gp/100 gp
A crimson lacquer box inlaid with a mummified crow head on each side 10 gp/100 gp
A crystal locket with a trio of flies embedded inside 10 gp/100 gp
A fine fur cloak with a wereboar skull still attached 15 gp/150 gp
A wedding dress made of stirge bones and silk 20 gp/200 gp
A small ornate mahogany coffin containing fancy pipes with skull bowls 25 gp/250 gp
A harpsichord made of rare darkwoods with keys made of carved human bones 30 gp/300 gp
Two large crystal brandy decanters with spiders encased in the crystal and set with ruby stoppers 35 gp/350 gp
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