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08-29-2011, 10:09 PM
Mage: The Awakening The Broken Mirror

The first step to really understanding the world, is to loosen your mind and watch all that you know slide away into the chaos of insanity. Step two is climbing from that morass of madness while still regaining a single, burning conviction the world is an illusion and a lie. From there springs Magic, the gift of the will-workers to shape the world and see beyond the veil. For once in your life, you are truly awake...

The Broken Mirror is a Mage: The Awakening campaign currently being begun. It takes place in a dark and gritty version of Portland, using an alternate interpretation of Mage that sits somewhere between the realms of the original Mage and the new version.

Details -
Rules System New World of Darkness with several House Rules changes
Time/Date Bi-weekly, on Friday nights from 6:30 to midnight
Where SE Portland, Near Powell and 82nd, Personal Residence

Who are we looking for? We have two players and a storyteller already, and are looking for two more players. Players must be focused and committed to making every game, and in a timely fashion, with rare exceptions. Players should be interested in deep, thoughtful game-play, with a focus on morality, creativity, and deep interactions. Characters will start as brand new Mages, and the path to power will be a slow one. Mundane challenges and forces will be favored over the supernatural, and players wishing to lob fireballs or gun down vampires should probably keep looking. Players may be young, or old, but must be mature enough to enjoy such a style of game-play (though being a child at heart is still encouraged!).

Interested parties should contact Jeanne at the email below. Perspective players will need to meet with the existing party prior to game time, to go over details and check for personal interactions. For the sake of the story, and the group integrity, any accepted player will be on a trial basis for the first two games, after which point either the group or the member may sever the connection with no hard feelings.

Additional information is available via e-mail, or on a Epic Words site currently under development.