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08-29-2011, 03:11 PM
The campaing has just started last week , we have four members.. an cn druid(human),an Ce dread necromacer(human) an ln articer 2/fighter 1(warforge),and an Bard 1/incarnte 2half elf. the campaing is centered around an world i have created...the goal of the campain is to stop an group of five indlnaldals to bring back an chacter i created called icelaina.the bard due to his bardic knowlege knows that iceleina was an poweful spellcaster 500 years ago that was trying to distrory the world but was deafeted by an group of an legenday five heros.. only one came back wouned and dying on his feet he uttered this word"icelina is no more" so the players have to figure out how the five are going to ressuct icelina..and thats my game