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08-27-2011, 03:54 AM
Caution, please read everything written here in detail before contacting me. Responses that ask questions about things clearly stated here will just be ignored.

Normally this would be the spot that I would write out a detailed description of my campaign, and what you can expect as players. However since I've decided to run this game a little differently than the way I normally do things, I can give only vague details.

A long time ago I ran a very successful and interesting campaign that spanned two editions of Shadowrun. Now I am ready to delve back into the "alternate history" that my campaign created with it's world shaking events, with a continuation using an all new cast. That cast would be you, the players.

The premise is basically this. In 2060 a series of events were perpetrated by a certain corporation. The events culminated in an orbital weapon being fired upon Seattle, destroying a large portion of the city. It is now 2073, and the ramifications of those events are still being felt, and have yet to reach total resolution.

I am aware that couldn't be anymore vague. What the heck happened? Which corporation was it? Where are all the details? In short, I can't (more like won't) provide them yet. First I need to assemble my group of players, and learn about who it is you will be playing. Who the characters are will have a massive impact on the story and how things begin, as well as unfold in future events (for even the dead have an impact in my campaigns).

What I can tell you more clearly is what exactly I'm looking for, both in terms of who you are as a player, and who your character is.

As a player
1) Be able to commit. This is going to be a long campaign, played every week (hopefully without fail). I am aware that life happens, and we all have responsibilities. However if you are unsure of whether or not you can make nearly every session then please do not ask to join. If people miss games a lot, I'll just have to replace you and it'll throw major wrenches into the campaign machine.
2) Be intelligent. This is Shadowrun, where one false move can get you killed quicker than you can spit. Contrary to the belief of some of my former players I'm not actively trying to murder my PCs every five seconds, but I won't hold your hand either. The game will start out light on the difficulty, but rapidly scale up to a more intense level. You are after all shadowrunners, you eat danger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and always ask for seconds. The intelligence rule also extends to the way you conduct yourself OOC. Be able to speak clearly and correctly, use proper spelling, and passable grammar. Players who use internet shorthand will not be recruited.
3) Be flexible. I understand that Shadowrun is a game of possibility, choice, and creativity. Unlike so many games there are no classes, and you are free to play nearly anything you can imagine. However for reasons of story or mechanics certain restrictions will be placed. More details about this will be found below.
4) Be involved. If you show up for the session once a week, barely speak to anyone while you play, and after weeks of gaming we know nothing about you, then something is wrong. Role-playing is a social activity, and though this game is being conducted on the internet that is no reason to be antisocial. I know this seems like a strange stipulation to some, but as a GM I find it rather difficult (and uncomfortable), to play with people I don't know at all.
5) No power gamers. Let me repeat that in caps with bold text. NO POWER GAMERS. If during the character creation process your first thought is "how can I make this guy an indestructible juggernaut of doom", then this campaign isn't for you. As a general rule of thumb, I scale my bad guys to the most powerful character in the group. So if we have three normal characters, and one uber character, the three normal characters are going to get wiped out really quickly, and give the uber character very ugly glares. Shadowrun isn't an arms race, a GM can ALWAYS make someone bigger, and badder than you are to get their point across. Uber characters will be dealt with swiftly and unfairly, so please do not bother with them.
6) Be able to role-play. If your idea of role-playing looks something like this...
"My character tells the dude to **** off and I shoot him"
...then you aren't the right player for my campaign. I'm looking for rich, intricate characters that are more than just the sum of their stats. Be able to express emotion, to have character development, and to be interesting. I don't care if your character is the cliche loner bad ass, just so long as they don't stay that way the entire campaign.
7) Be able to think tactically. If you have no mind for strategy, planning, or tactics, then this campaign isn't for you. All missions whether they be jobs, or something more personal, will be very detailed. There will be multiple resolutions to problems (most of the time), and much of what happens will be based on the decisions that the group makes. Look forward to detailed maps, dossiers, hunting down leads, manipulation, blackmail, extortion, and good old American violence. After all, if just anyone could break into a high security corporate compound, then the world wouldn't need shadowrunners.

As a character
1) As stated earlier I realize this is a game of creativity, but I like to view things from a more...practical stand point. Cybernetic ninjas, chainsaw wielding trolls, and dual-wielding gun adepts are all well and good, but your character should be more than that. Characters that are all about combat and useless at everything else wouldn't make it very far as a shadowrunner. Conversely, pacifist types or entirely social characters end up being pretty useless as well. I'm not saying that every character should be a jack of all trades, master of none, far from it. Each character SHOULD have some form of specialization that they bring to the table, to make the group well rounded. However your characters shouldn't be so involved in one thing that they ignore all other aspects of what it means to be a shadowrunner.
2) Races. This is going to tick people off, but here it is. No dwarves, and no trolls. What?? Why?!? I have a lot of reasons, but the most important one is, those races just won't work well for my campaign. I apologize (please refer back to the "be flexible" rule).
3) Classes. Yeah I understand this game has no classes, but there are some basic character types that tend to be followed. A mage is a mage, a street sam is a street sam. I am accepting all character types except for, you guessed it, technomancers. Again you are probably asking why. Well, the truth is I like my hackers old fashioned, wired with cyberware.
4) Character creation rules. I will talk to my players about this after the group has been assembled, as it requires discussion, and there is more than one route we could use. What will and won't be allowed, how characters will be written, all of that will be discussed once the group is assembled. If you are the type of player I'm looking for, this shouldn't matter all that much to you, the game, the story is what should be important.

Well if you are still here after reading all of that, thank you. As for when I plan to run this game, and how, here it is. The day of the game is undecided, though I am fairly certain that it will start at around 7pm or 8pm EST, and run for about five hours. What day it is doesn't matter much to me. The thing I know for sure is that it will be a weekly game, that means every week.

As for how the game will be run, we will use maptools. All role-playing will be done in maptools, as will all die rolling. All out of character conversations, table talk, etc, will be done in ventrilo. Obviously all players are required to have a working microphone. No I will not consider using another program like skype.

If you are interested in playing, please send me a private message telling me when you are available to play, what type(s) of character(s) you'd like to play, your experience with Shadowrun, and any other pertinent information you'd like me to have. Please also include some way to contact you, I would prefer some form of instant messenger program so we can speak in real time, but an e-mail address will suffice.

Happy gaming.