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Far beneath the city of waterdeep, another city lives. Drow trade slaves to mind flayers, beholders bargain for gems, floating skulls inflict swift, horrible "justice". A rumor, a nightmare, a reality, the vile pirate port thrives in the lightness world. As yet, little is know of it, but more will be learned, and as it is, the lore of that dreadful place shall be placed here.

Once, when the moons were different it's said, the Melairkyn dwarves tunneled under what would become Waterdeep. They disappeared, wiped out by the drow and duergar who invaded their halls in search of the dwarves' mithril. Ages passed, mighty Netheril fell, and a wizard came to live in the small fishing village of Waterdeep. His name was Halaster (though there's some dispute on this). As wizards do, he built a tower, and gathered apprentices.
What happened next is better documented: he delved below, into the realms of the drow, and embarked on a vicious slaughter of them, giving rise to the term "Halaster's Hunt", meaning a berserk massacre. His students apparently went below to find him, all save one, which is how we know what little we do...

Centuries passed, a millenia, and Waterdeep grew into a great metropolis. Durnan the Wanderer, a warrior of skill and courage, along with Mirt the Moneylender and others, found an old well shaft that lead into the subterranean world, they went down into Halaster's halls, and survived, returning with fame and riches! Soon, word spread, and more and more came to test their luck, and less and less left the halls below...

Character Creation using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Skills & Powers and Spells and Magic

Method VII: Each player has 75 points to divide among a character’s six ability scores. No score can be lower than 3, and none can be higher than 18. Also, all racial maximums and minimums must be observed. When all six abilities have numbers assigned, double‑check the math by adding the ability scores together. They should total 75. If not, there is a mistake somewhere. Start again.

Starting level is 7th for single class and a total of 7 levels multi-class.

Alignment: Any however due to the area Lawful Good would have a next to impossible time.

Starting Gear: Any non-magical weapons, armor, equipment with in reason.
Magical Items: One suit of Armor up to +2 or Wizards would have +2 ring of protection; +2 Main weapon, +1 back up weapon; 6 potions healing, 4 potions extra healing.

Playable Races of the Underdark
Deep Dwarves
Gray Dwarves(Duergar)
Hill Dwarves
Mountain Dwarves
Dark Elves(Drow)
Gray Elves
High Elves
Sylvan Elves
Giant, Fomorian
Deep Gnomes(Svirfneblin )
Forrest Gnome
Rock Gnome
Illithids(Mind flayers)

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