View Full Version : Dungeons Dragons Essentials/Middle Earth Pirates of Pelargir

08-25-2011, 12:53 PM
Bring your first level Essentials character. To make it more Middle Earth, I'll be using the Middle Earth races modifiers and allow feats from the Middle Earth Homebrew Guide (http://www.dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Middle_Earth_Campaign_Setting_%284e_Campaign_Setti ng%29).
The adventure takes place near the end of the Third Age in Southern Gondor. The PCs are in Pelargir looking for work on a ship. The first mate is named Gilligan... oh wait, scratch that.
It is 1640 of the Third Age of Middle Earth. Your PCs are looking for guard work in Faunilond, Southern Gondor. Rumors abound that pirates are active near the Red Cliffs of the Haradwaith. Please use this info when building your character.

You can come and go from the campaign as you wish, as you can with Encounters. If you want to play once, cool. If you are going to miss a week, that's fine also. If you're chomping a the bit for the whole campaign, sign on up. Any questions? gmg@threat-detected.com