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08-22-2011, 01:50 PM
The Lands of Bavidirian is in danger as the Demons of Morashitar have entered the surface lands. They attack and kill everything that breathes. Your adventurer is presently staying at the Green Dragon's Inn located in the town of Nurenhill. The town is in a lockdown and you must help Lord Elkinsan with his men fight the demons until the town is safe. In this game you can become a high elf, wood elf, dark elf, dwarf, bavidirian (human), kort (larger human barbarian tribe), half orc, centaur to name a few. One can become a citizen and practice a profession, become an official, or remain as an adventurer and gain fame and fortune. At the moment we have the following playing this game.

1st place Caeldrim - Wood Elf / Ranger XP 13090
2nd place Leram Redpick - Dwarf / Warrior XP 10882
3rd place Leoven Duskwalker - Wood Elf / Assassin XP 9475
4th place Asar Anch'ti - Dark Elf / Druid XP 9228
5th place Daenir - Wood Elf / Assassin XP 2640
6th place Beralis - Bavidirian / Royal Knight XP 2450
7th place Rent Finik - Vampire / Avenger XP 1670
8th place Krillian - Bavidirian / Barbarian XP 950
9th place Firen High Elf / Lord XP 400
10th place Grom Chipcarver - Dwarf / Artificer XP 0
10th place Rimwall - High Elf / Mage XP 0
10th place Druin Navaar Wood Elf / Assassin XP 0

We can always use more to enjoy this game! Join now and enjoy a unique game that emphasizes in writing a journal about your adventurer each week! The game is a PBeM by the way and not played in the forums anymore! If you are interested visit www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com)