View Full Version : NWod Open World Game ( Shadows over Sin City)

08-20-2011, 01:54 PM
NWoD open world game! http://nwod.forumotion.com/


looking for several more players and a storyteller to run europe!!

Welcome to the world of darkness.. a world not to differnt from our own. embark on your journey through this world..what you discover is your descion...Play when you want, how you want...be what you want...taking all the games templates and putting the choices in teh players hands...

games take place over IM with a dice roller that everyone can witness, the site holds information about the cities characters and News from the World...on non game days theres a feature to post what your character does, combining chat and pbp elements

Play solo, with other people currently playing, games can happen as frequent as you like

Take on the role of an ordinary human being, as you try to live your life, fight with your own morality and insanity..discovering something does go bump in the night

What awaits you? the embrace, the awakening, the first change or a trip to the underworld or Arcadia, ot the urge to put boot to butt of everything not human...Come find out

Current chronicle: Shadows over Sin City

Also will be running a Vampire the requiem Chronicle- Roma Victor! (tba)