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Soft Serve
08-19-2011, 05:48 PM
So I'm making a homebrew game that plays the character creation through "Affinities" which basically decide some races, special powers, and unique abilities if you choose to take them (along with several "Generic" options like the Human race for all Affinities.)

But so far the Affinities are as follows....


As you may be able to see each one of them has a polar opposite (except Metal and Time is kind of a stretch but Time does deteriorate and rust metals...)

Anyway my point is that I want to start the game off with 10 affinities and currently I have 8. So here are some other affinity options I've been thinking...

Song & Void

--Song would basically just be the manipulation of sound and the race would be something musical I think. Like the Satyrs?
--Void would be absolute pitch blackness. It would be the epitome of crushing despair and sorrow. Basically a one-way form of emotion control that would sap the will out of any opposing fighters, where Song might have some buffing effects. Maybe a more alien version of death would be the concept art of a Void Hunter (someone who inspires others against the Void would be tracked and attacked by one of these guys.)

Order & Chaos

--I'm not entirely sure what I'd do for either of these as far as races and powers, and they don't seem to fit in with the other affinities as much, but I still really like the idea of being born under perfect order or anarchy in RPGs.

Psionics (Psi), Kinetics, Electricity, Outsiders

--I don't have an opposite for these ones yet but they keep coming to mind as good affinities. ]
--Outsiders would be something like a person who comes from another dimension. So I can't really think of a good opposite.

So basically I'm asking if anyone has any good affinity ideas or suggestions or questions or whatever.

08-26-2011, 08:19 AM
Could magic possibly be an opposite for Psionics? I suppose they are a bit to similar for that to really work, since they end up achieving similar results.

Order would be a tough one, chaos isn't too bad. I would model it after the 4E Sorcerer wild talent build, a bunch of the powers have different effects based on the die roll. Just have the player roll a d6 and that roll determines the effect of the power; from damaging the enemy, buffing the party, or perhaps negatively effecting the party like making them immobile or something would have a pretty chaotic feel to it.

I'd suggest a Heavens/Hells affinity, but thats probably already occurred to you. I suppose it could work for your outsiders affinity though, since both groups are outside the mortal plane.

You might also be able to do a Plant/Stone affinity, with a race like the Wilden or Goliaths as examples. Or perhaps desert vs forest or jungle would work out the same.

What if you paired Electricity, or any power in general, against something that absorbs or weakens power? Sort of like one racial group that deals and receives energy based damage, acting like amplifiers. The opposite would have an aura that would diminish energy based powers, so that they'd be less accurate or deal less damage.

08-26-2011, 10:28 AM
TIME and SPACE maybe better (or as you suggest TIME/VOID)



08-26-2011, 11:26 AM
You might also do a Tribe/Science type thing. Have a society based on primal spirits opposite a society with a focus on technology, sort of like Eberron.

Soft Serve
08-26-2011, 05:19 PM
Rage / Peace is almost the same as Chaos / Order. But I do like "Rage" as a concept for Chaos.

Metal and Wood are both already in there. (Only "Wood" is "Earth")

Heavens and Hells are basically the Life and Death affinities.

And I don't know about "Tribe" but Science is already in there as Metal basically.

The full backstory of the Metal Affinity is that they brought their mechanical creations to fight with the Life affinities against Death and it's allies. But when it came time to settle in and call a place home, the Life side declared their mechanical creations void of human souls and banished them. So the Metal armies gathered some unorthodox wizards and refugees from the then freshly defeated Death armies who specialized in Time magics (bringing about the Time Affinity) and speeding their technological advances by travelling back and forth through time and learning what they could and could not do currently to make the strongest and most impressive golems of the realm.

As per their deal with the mages, they fought together to get both Metal and Time noted among the other pre-existing realms as legitimate Affinities. However the Time affinity had learned that they could deteriorate and degrade the metal constructions with their spells and tried to wipe Metal out. Metal gathered their best Alchemists and designed a metal that did not degrade over time and used it to build all the core pieces of their armies which effectively blocked one half of the only arsenal that the Time affinity had against them.

Now each side holds the others weakness and they both fight for total extermination of the other.

So that's why Time and Metal are opposite as it sits. But it does have much room for improvement and I'm open to other suggestions. I do like the "Tribe" and "Rage" submissions though. Maybe a Primal side with an opposite called Enlightenment? More like Barbarians vs. Monks?

08-29-2011, 08:18 AM
I mean wood as in plants, earth to me is stone ground dirt magma etc... Wood is plants nature poison sap camouflage, etc...

Soft Serve
08-29-2011, 08:07 PM
I actually like that too. It does make a lot of sense and would make earth a little overpowered to come with plants and poisons AND the ability to move stone and rock.