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08-16-2011, 10:08 AM
Looking to start a Pathfinder game in the near future. We are a group of 5 (4 players and a dm) who might be losing a player due to a career move. Looking to add one or two more players.

We play in Mt Prospect, and there is a nearby metra, but when winter comes it can be a haul, so owning a vehicle would be best. We play once every 3-5 weeks on Saturdays from 11ish to 7ish based on game flow.

What we are looking for:

Players over the age of 25 who can commit to a fairly regular game. No one can make 100%, but for continuity and plot line, we need regular players, not "drop-ins".

We are looking for players that role and roll play. PC development is just as important as a good feat tree. Munhkins and power gamers need not apply. If you delve into the obscure for feats and abilities that unbalance a game, please pass this ad ;)

Lastly, we play in someone's home. I will be brutally honest here. If you only bathe occasionally, please, pass this ad again.

It's a good fun group, that enjoys gaming, we bs, and bust chops, have a few beers and enjoy each others company. Heck, political debates even happen now and again! So if you're looking for a good game that has continuity, this is it.

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Are you still looking for players?

I have included a fair amount of info on my profile, but would be happy to answer any questions.


- Brian