View Full Version : Rochester Pathfinder Game

08-12-2011, 02:25 PM
We are a group of gamers who have been playing together for 7 years. Recently three of our numbers had to step out of the game for real life reasons. We are currently looking for one or two more players to join us.

We play using the Pathfinder rules. Current campaign takes place in Eberron. The game is a combination of roleplaying, exploration, puzzle solving and combat. Most of us are mature gamers, around since before there were Feats and Prestige Classes. I won't mention that blue and white covered rulebook I had when I first started.

We play on Saturday evenings, every other week, from ~5-11. Whether we eat together or before arriving is decided between games.

We try to stay on track for the time we are together, and make a point to build in bio breaks and dessert breaks, so we can also talk about what has happened in the last two weeks.