View Full Version : Black Hopes and Empty Dreams, a Seattle 2053 campaign

Delial The Fallen
08-10-2011, 06:43 PM
I'm presently looking for 2-5 quality people to begin a Shadowrun 2nd edition campaign set in Seattle 2053 on a weekly basis (check my available times above) in or around the Trois-Rivières area.

The players should ideally portray beginning Shadowrunners (SIN or SINless) who are about to embark on their first Run as a group.

A few things to keep in mind:

I do not use all of the Second Edition's supplements. Some, like Cybertechnology, are mostly barred from play altogether (or, at least, the contents are very restricted and should not be considered available for gameplay).

My version of Seattle may differ from what the published sources presented by FASA (and subsequent publishing companies).

The vagaries of the setting in which I intend to run the campaign alters some of the setting elements -- Some cities, like New York and Johanssburg (South Africa) for example, are almost entirely Barrens, while some of Japan is so technologically advanced that it would almost feel completely different from the rest of the game world.

I do not use the Krieger strain of the HMHVV: ghouls in my setting are as people thought them to be during most of the 2050's: a result of Goblinization (although this may change at some point, it is how it stands for the time being).

I do not consider "alternate" races to exist: characters (and, indeed, most individuals inhabiting the campaign world) are limited to the five (5) "basic" races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Ork and Troll. In my view, any of the proposed variants of these races are simply that: variants. Just as you do not see different stat sets for, say, Caucasians and Asians, I fail to see the point in assigning different statistics for variations that are only superficially different from one another. I feel it important to note that, for some oddball reason, I've never been especially fond of Dwarves and, as a result, I try very, very hard to limit their numbers as relating to my interpretation of the game world.

Free spirits, Shape Shifters, HMHVV variants and other optional races that normally inhabit the game world are not allowed as character races.

I bring many more (and frequent) alterations to the game world, supplanting some elements of the published setting so to superimpose my version of events and their consequences. However, these are mostly superficial and players who are familiar with the game world should not at all feel out of place.

It should also be noted that I may not be using every single rule published for Shadowrun Second Edition and its supplements, nor would I expect players to be thoroughly familiar with them aside from those immediately tied to the manner of their characters. That is to say, I fully expect a Decker character to be familiar with Matrix rules but I would not expect a Decker character to necessarily be familiar with the elements published in Virtual Realities.

Decking in my campaign is much less a mapped-out, dungeon-esque, side-quest-ish, one-on-one thing than the rules suggest. Decking will be handled much more "intuitively" and although a Decker character should have all the necessary programs and be knowledgeable of them and their workings, most Matrix operations will be handled with a narrative flow, decision making process, and some few dice rolls to resolve situations as they present themselves.

As many GM's from my time are prompt to do, I tend to interpret rules and do not necessarily ascribe myself entirely to how and when they should be used. I do keep to the overall guidelines, but I may call for a Success Test instead of an Opposed Test on occasion (or vice-versa), go for an Open Test under certain circumstances, or I may choose not to have the players resolve a situation with dice and allow it to be resolved entirely with roleplay.

It should be noted that I am a fair GM who does not actively "work against" players -- but that is not to say that I will roll in their favor either. I try to be as impartial as I can and will generally follow the flow of things (perhaps sometimes interjecting with The Hand of Fate when and if appropriate).

As a result of this "looser", less rigid, form of play (I am a fan of free-form and Roleplaying will adjust situation modifiers or supplant the need to resolve a situation with dice), I must confess that I have a pet peeve regarding Rule Lawyers (and Setting Lawyers, as they do exist). Should a player fall under either of these categories, I would kindly ask them to refrain from approaching me as to join the campaign.

So, yes, reads quite serious this little presentation -- and without a proper "hook" so to reel potentially-interested parties in.

I'm really not that much of a serious kind of guy: just felt I should preemptively point out what to expect so to avoid potential misunderstandings.


I'm fluent in both English and French and the game will be run in what language is more appropriate to the group.