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08-09-2011, 08:49 PM
Once there was an ancient and powerful civilization that was brought to ruin by an unknown cataclysm. That empire and its secrets have now been reclaimed by the primordial forces of nature and lost to the knowledge of men.
10 Generations have passed since that time and now a single Kingdom shines as a beacon of light for the land. The inhabitants of this kingdom love their king who has faithfully defended their borders and now ensures peace and prosperity for all citizens. The “Old Time” before the cataclysm is largely unknown except for a few scattered ruins in a wilderness too savage to explore.

Unbeknownst to the common folk however, this kingdom is under dire threat from secret enemies. The king’s loyal servants have been ordered to seek out brave souls who would aid the defense of the kingdom.

Anyone who answers the call of the king is informed of these issues (among many) that now threaten the kingdom:

1. There have been a number of disappearances throughout the towns and rural areas.
2. A group known as the Ketians is attempting to penetrate our borders and lay siege to the land.
3. The black plague has been found in at least three small villages and a cure must be administered.

There are also a few rumors floating around the seedier pubs.
1. “It seems like every ancient secret cult my grandfather ever warned me about is up to something nefarious these days” – Jorvis the Brewmaster
2. “Well, I did hear of someone that overheard a group of men suggest that the king himself might be responsible for the disappearances, but I wouldn’t know them personally of course” –Thade Thief KIA
3. “An ancient evil has awakened in the depths of the earth” – All the old people
4. An explorer sent to the frozen South has found a massive treasure and is paying top dollar for assistance in transporting it to the Castle – A Bulletin posted in all the major watering holes in the kingdom

If you have created characters that would like to seek their fortune in the defense of this land, report the following information to the nearest recruiting station.

1. Describe a character you would like to play. Please include: Class, Alignment, general motivation, etc. (let us see your creativity and know that concise is better.)
2. Describe yourself as a player. What do you want out of a great session?

This is a world of choices and far reaching (logically consistent) consequences. There are many different forces all vying for power here, the decisions you make will ultimately shape the fate of this land and your destiny.

08-25-2011, 11:30 AM
Cool to see this posted Jes. Rad.