View Full Version : Scions of House Ferem

08-08-2011, 12:48 PM
Exalted Game: PCs are Dragonblooded, Dragon Kings, Godblooded, or Similar.

On the thawed shores of the northern inland sea, Cadet House Ferem rules a mighty Dominion in the name of the Empress. House Ferem is the most powerful of all cadet houses, and has risen to great prominence. However it has not produced true dragons in more than 50 years and many enemies are beginning to circle waiting for the house to fall.

This game centers around the first clutch of new Dragonblooded to Exalt in half a century. Upon their backs do the hopes and dreams of their House rest. They must grow powerful quickly as many of their bretheren are growing aged and while powerful may fall soon.

folsen101@hotmail.com for any interested parties.