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08-02-2011, 05:11 PM
Hey gang!

Im in the process working up a write-up for Hawkeye, but am having a hard time. How do I handle his arsenal of arrows? Webs seems like a reasonable catch-all for his bolo, net, and adhesive arrows. Paralysis might be a reasonable stand-in for some sort of Taser effect. I got him I Brought This Along to model his various utility arrows. Im stuck on what to do for his attack arrows.

Rules Question 1: Are you required to always use a Boost purchased for a power? In other words, lets say I purchase Super Weaponry (Bow and Arrows) 4d [Boost: Area 2d] for Hawkeye. Is he now able to use Super Weaponry both with and without the Area boost? Or does the Area boost always manifest when this power is used?

Rules Question 2: Would you allow Super Weaponry to deliver various kinds of damage without some sort of Boost? In other words, if I purchased Hawkeyes bow as Super Weaponry 4d, would that cover all the various types of damage that he does (electrical, sonic, incredibly sharp arrowheads, etc.), or would he need to purchase all the various flavors of Elemental Control with the Complication: Limited Use (Damage Only).

Rules Question 3: Do you think that Webs is a suitable power to model flash-bang arrows, tear gas arrows, and other attacks that disorient ones foes? If not, what would you use?

Rules Question 4: How would you model an arrow (or grenade, or power) that creates the equivalent of a smoke screen?

Thanks in advance!



08-08-2011, 01:52 PM
My take:
1: I'd let him use either single or area-target.
2: I think Elemental Control with Device attached would cover it.
3: Sure. Just rename it to what you are using, but have the same effect.
4: Energy Control (Smoke) with Device and Area Affect.