View Full Version : Question: Mooks with Rocket Launchers

08-01-2011, 03:14 PM
Hey folks!

I love the simplicity and cinematic potential of the Mook rules. Here's a question, though. How might you handle situations where mooks get weapons upgrades. Let's use the following example.

Super Skulk discovers a ring of weapons smugglers, and tracks them down to their riverside warehouse. There he finds 10 thugs, unloading a weapons shipment. Cracking his knuckles in anticipation, he jumps into their midst and engages them in combat. The mooks, of course, have a rating of 10 due to their numbers.

Let's say that 2 rounds of combat go by, and Super Skulk takes down 5 of the mooks. Of the remaining 5 mooks, 3 continue to engage in gun play. One, however, took the first two rounds of combat to open a weapons crate and arm himself with a rocket launcher. Another one of the 5 remaining mooks took those two rounds to climb into an armored tank, and is now bringing the tank's cannon to bare on our hero.

What happens now? Do the mooks continue to function at a 5 rating? Do you upgrade the designation of the two mooks who took the time to arm themselves? If that's the case, do you upgrade the two mooks to henchmen status? (Tank: Rating 9, Rocket Launcher: Rating 6) If you choose the latter option, the other three mooks would, of course, drop to Rating 3.

Personally, I like this approach, but I'm wondering what others of you would do.