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08-01-2011, 02:40 PM
Hey folks,

I purchased Supers! awhile back, but never got a chance to play it. I've recently returned to it, and am enjoying it immensely.

I've been toying around with some Marvel write-ups. These are meant to emulate the characters as they appear in the comics, so they are built on far more dice than your standard Supers! character. Actually, the Spider-Man build is meant to be a "classic" or "iconic" version of the character. The Avengers builds are meant to capture the characters as they appear in the cartoon Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (which is why the Hulk is always at maximum strength, why thor has an immunity to gamma radiation, etc.). I still need to do write-ups for Hank Pym, Wasp, Black Panther, and Hawkeye. I'll try and get to those soon.

In the meantime: Enjoy! Also, feel free to offer constructive criticism, as I am still getting a hang of the system.



Spider-Man (Peter Parker) 50d (Resistances 12d, Aptitudes 14d, Powers 23d, Ads/Disads -3d, Competency Pool 0d)

Resistances: Composure 2d, Reaction 5d, Fortitude 5d, Will 4d

Aptitudes: Academia 3d, Art & Craft 2d, Athleticism 5d (Acrobatics), Fighting 3d, Intrusion 2d, Presence 3d, Technology 3d

Powers: Super Leap 3d (40’ up, 80’ across), Super Strength 4d (8 tons), Super Senses 3d (Danger Sense 6d) , Wall Crawling 5d, Webs 6d (Complication: Device – Web Shooters)

[B]Ads/Disads: Dependant (Aunt May), Disreputable, Dumb Luck, Enemy (Green Goblin), Poor

Description: Peter Parker gained incredible powers upon being bitten by a radioactive spider while on a high school science trip. At first he used his powers for personal gain, but in his arrogance he refused to assist in the capture of the criminal that later killed his beloved Uncle Ben. Guilt-ridden and aggrieved, he vowed to use his powers responsibly from that day on. He now fights crime as the Amazing Spider-Man.

Motivation: With great power comes great responsibility

Competency Pool: 0d

Captain America (Steve Rogers) 37d (Resistances 14d, Aptitudes 16d, Powers 7d, Ads/Disads 0d, Competency Pool 0d)

Resistances: Composure 5d, Reaction 4d, Fortitude 4d, Will 5d

Aptitudes: Aircraft 2d, Arts & Craft 2d, Athleticism 4d (Acrobatics), Fighting 5d (Martial Arts), Shooting 3d, Intrusion 2d, Presence 5d (Leadership)

Powers: Super Weaponry 6d (Shield)

[B]Ads/Disads: Allies (SHIELD), Charismatic, Enemy (Red Skull), Outsider

Description: Steve Rogers was the prototypical 98 pound weakling, but that didn’t stop him from attempting to enlist in the army to fight Hydra during WWII. Moved by his patriotism, Army officials accepted Rogers into the top-secret super-soldier program, where he received treatments that transformed him into the peak of human perfection and a nearly indestructible shield made. Thus armed, he fought bravely for his country and inspired Allied troops as Captain America. While fighting the Red Skull during the final days of the war, Captain America was dumped into arctic waters and frozen in ice, preserved by the super-soldier serum coursing through his veins. He was awakened seventy years later by the Avengers and joined their ranks to continue to fight for the ideals of his country.

Motivation: Fighting to protect the American Dream

Competency Pool: 0d

Hulk (Bruce Banner) 34d (Resistances 9d, Aptitudes 4d, Powers 25d, Ads/Disads -4d, Competency Pool 0d)

Resistances: Composure 1d, Reaction 2d, Fortitude 7d, Will 3d

Aptitudes: Athleticism 2d, Fighting 4d (Brawling)

Powers: Armor 7d Ads/Disads: Disreputable (Destructive Menace), Enemy (Hulk Busters), Rage, Ugly or Strange Looking

Description: Irradiated by gamma rays, Bruce Banner was cursed with transforming into the monstrously destructive Hulk whenever he became angry. For years he was pursued by General Thunderbolt Ross and his Hulk Busters, but the Banner persona convinced the Hulk to help Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, and Giant Man save New York City from the villainous Graviton. The heroes were successful, and Hulk banded together with his newfound allies as a founding member of the Avengers.

Motivation: To prove to the world that he is a hero and to hit things

Competency Pool: 0d

Iron Man (Tony Stark) 39d (Resistances 5d, Aptitudes 4d, Powers 25d, Ads/Disads 5d, Competency Pool 0d)

Resistances: Composure 3d, Reaction 2d, Fortitude 2d, Will 2d

Aptitudes: Technology 5d (Cybernetics)

Powers: Armor 7d*, Energy Control 6d*, Flight 2d*, Life Support 3d*, Super Senses 4d* (Microscopic Vision 2d, Telescopic Vision 2d, Thermal Vision 2d, Radar Sense 2d), Super Speed 4d* (Flight – 1000 mph), Super Strength 6d* (32 tons)

*Universal Complication: Device (Power Armor)

Ads/Disads: Attractive, Charismatic, Hideout (Stark Tower), I Brought This Along, Wealthy

Description: Tony Stark inherited his father’s company and turned it into a multi-billion dollar industrial complex specializing in weapons contracts with the Pentagon. On a trip to the Middle East, Tony was critically injured by shrapnel which lodged near his heart. Terrorists captured him and ordered him to create weapons, but he instead built an iron suit that stabilized his condition and allowed him to escape. Tasting adventure, he enhanced the suit and used it to become Iron Man. As he started to come to grips with the violence caused by Stark Industries’ inventions, his sense of mission increased. He helped found the Avengers, and with them continues to fight for the betterment and protection of humankind.

Motivation: To make up for past deeds.

Competency Pool: 0d

Thor 63d (Resistances 12d, Aptitudes 10d, Powers 41d, Ads/Disads 0d, Competency Pool 0d)

Resistances: Composure 4d, Reaction 2d, Fortitude 7d, Will 3d

Aptitudes: Athleticism 2d, Fighting 7d (Hammers), Occultism 2d, Shooting 2d, Survival 2d

Powers: Armor 7d, Flight 2d [Complication: Device - Mjolnir], Invulnerability 3d (Gamma Rays), Life Support 3d, Super Speed 4d (Flight – 900 mph) [Complication: Device – Mjolnir], Super Strength 8d (128 tons), Super Weaponry 10d (Mjolnir) [Complication: Device], Teleportation 2d (Special: This Version of Teleportion Allows Thor to Travel To and From Asgard) [Complication: Device - Mjolnir], Weather Control 7d [Complication: Device - Mjolnir]

Ads/Disads: Enemy (Loki), Longevity, Outsider, Tolerance

Description: God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard, Thor fights to protect his father Odin’s realm against Frost Giants and other threats. He is also fascinated by Midgard, however, and spends much time there, much to his father’s dismay. Recently, Thor joined the Avengers and works with them to protect Midgard against all manner of danger.

Motivation: For Honor! For Glory! For Asgard! For Midgard!

Competency Pool: 0d

08-02-2011, 12:02 AM
Nice stuff! The only thing I'd change is that all of them except maybe the Hulk should have some Competency dice. They are the Avengers, after all!

08-02-2011, 10:26 AM
Hey danbuter,

Thanks for the kind words and for the feedback. I'm new enough to the system that I don't have a good sense yet of what is too much and what is too little in terms of competency dice. So that leads me to my question: What guidelines would you use to give these guys Competency Dice? How many would you give them? In this case, I'd probably give the Hulk some too. This is the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Hulk, which means that he's on his way to becoming more hero than monster.