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Dat PhanBoi
04-22-2007, 12:50 PM
ABOUT ME: My name's Patrick and I am a GM-aholic. I have Mastered games for friends for the last five years, primarily Cyberpunk, but also some other games of my own design. I just graduated college with an English and Theatre major (*the perfect combo for DMs IMO, I can bring Pcs to life and know how to plot an adventure).

GAME ON: Well, I am new to the Boston area and I am putting out the call for a new gaming group.
I have a great central location at which we can play (Borders Downtown crossing has a free meeting room that is never being used on Saturday afternoons) and I am sick and tired of my DM enegy going to waste. The game of choice is TBA depending on the groups interests, but here is a list of stuff that I would love to write/DM:

-D&D (a hard fantasy version)
-Star Wars RPG (Just in time for Celebration 30th anniversary)
-Cyberpunk (Heavily Gibson inspired)
-Post-Apocalyptic sci-fi (Think the Wild West with M16s and dune buggies)
-Steam-punk (Cyberpunk set in the vistorian age, game of my own design)
-Space Opera (spaceships, aliens, and exploration)
-D20 modern fun (maybe sci-fi inspired, perhaps a little X-files action)

GAMERS WANTED: I am looking for three things in gamers, 1. Dependability, a game is only fun if people show up, so that is a main thing, being able to devote a couple of evenings a month is no big thing 2. Engagement, a game is only interesting if people get into the story and add color to it, and 3. Having Fun, I like to have fun with an RPG session, it should be a place to make friends, share jokes and snacks, and relax more thanb anything else.

So if you are interested in a game, email me at brennanph@gmail.com or reply back to this post with any questions. I am thinking about having a meeting in a couple of weeks to see if anybody is interested.