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07-25-2011, 03:08 AM
Originally posted on Monday 07-25-2011 03:00 AM at koboldquarterly.com (http://www.koboldquarterly.com)

http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/ROP_300p.jpg (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/ROP_300p.jpg)Now that you have a veritable trove of relic goodness awaiting you, you must pick one — only one — item from it. You see, you all have the power to choose the item that the kobolds will make available in the next issue of Kobold Quarterly. Yes, many fine artifacts arrived for appraisal, and if you haven’t yet looked at them, now is the time!

Those of you who have already peered closely at these artifacts can jump in and vote right away:*Go to the KQ Forums and vote for your favorite entry from Relics of Power! (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/kqforums/viewtopic.php?t=1918)

Of the ten finalists, the one that receives the most votes will receive the title “Relic of Power” and will appear in the next issue of Kobold Quarterly (http://www.koboldquarterly.com), fully illustrated. Who will you vote for? (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/kqforums/viewtopic.php?t=1918)

Coffer of the Uninvited Guest by Chris Harris (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10105.php)
Crystalline Chrysalis by Gary S. Watkins (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10114.php)
Deck of Hellish Delights by Carlos Ovalle (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10123.php)
Gnomeskull of the Kobold Kings by Nicholas Milasich (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10132.php)
Golden Tresses of Sif by Jarrod Camiré (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10138.php)
Gordian Knot by Mario Podeschi (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10145.php)
Izellia’s Branch by David Adams (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10156.php)
King’s Mirror by Joel Dehn (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10168.php)
Liberty by Robert E Drouin (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10171.php)
War Band of the Last Mead Hall by Josh Jarman (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10174.php)
Thank you, everyone, for entering the contest! On behalf of the judges and KoboldQuarterly.com (http://www.koboldquarterly.com), we had a great time doing this contest. Please, show your support of events like this by voting for your favorite artifact (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/kqforums/viewtopic.php?t=1918). Voting ends this Friday (07-29-11).

Find this (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/front-page10211.php) and other great articles at koboldquarterly.com (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/).