View Full Version : Garland/Richardson area Exalted? DnD 3.5? oWOD? Something else?

07-20-2011, 10:31 PM
Just moved to the area and looking to establish myself into a preexisting gaming group or flat out building a new one. My preference is to get more time in as a player as I did heavy GM duty the last few groups I was in. My preferences for games are pretty open ended but I would love to get some Exalted going. Fairly much anything I am willing to give a go though.

My apartment is not the largest and most heavily furnished, so I would prefer gaming elsewhere. However a small enough group of respectful gamers would be acceptable.

Wednesday nights weekly or Wednesday most of the day biweekly would the best day for me. Thursday and Fridays are also open, but not too late into the evening.