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07-19-2011, 09:27 AM
Hi, I live in Berkley and I have been scouring the net (Obsidian Portal, Meetup, Pen and Paper Games) looking for players, good RPers in the Detroit Area. If you are interested in joining into a fresh, gritty, long term Campaign, mayhaps I have the game for you.

I tracked the poachers for two days. Then they entered Swamp Man territory. I heard Dorian’s voice in my head, ordering me to turn back. But I could not. This chase was personal now.

The sweat poured down my face, my hair matted slick against my head. The patches of sunlight breaking through the trees set the air on fire. My path took me from hot to hotter, and I expected no relief until nightfall.

Near midday I halted for a rest. After lunch I sensed that something had changed. There was no line of demarcation, just a sudden realization that my surroundings were…different. Now the sweat that coated my skin had a vague itch, as if the dirt of the swamp was burrowing into my flesh.

I noticed other changes. The wind seemed to whisper like a garbled voice on the edge of my hearing. The sunlight appeared brighter, with an odd orange tint that rendered everything more clear and sharp. The swamp was oddly quiet. No, that is not quite right. Rather, my hearing was muted, and the birds, insects, and other creatures sounded far away.

I knew that I was being watched. Wherever I turned, I saw no threats, yet an unaccustomed dread gripped my insides. I continued walking in silence.

For no reason I could comprehend, I suddenly halted and examined the ground near my feet. Nothing stood out against the deep green plants. I bent closer. Then I saw it: a scrap of flesh. One end was jagged as if the skin had been ripped from some larger piece. After a few seconds, understanding struck me like a hammer blow.

The scrap of flesh was a pointed elven ear. The Swamp Men were giving me a warning. It was time to go home.

―Entry from the journal of Dothar Barkan, Order of the Jade Leaf scout.

Title: Kithtakharos-The Wild Frontier

System: D&D 3.5 or Savage Worlds(Preferred). I have alot of materials for 3.5 and Savage Worlds.

Type: Fantasy Grounds (I have an Unlimited License so no one need buy the software)

Place: Online using Fantasy Grounds(IC) and Skype (OOC), both which are free to players.

Day/Time: One weekday evening-7-11PM EST, weekly. I am open to playing with the day and time to some degree.

Site: http://www.obsidianpo... (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/kith-takharos-the-wild-frontier)http://img1.meetupstatic.com/img/clear.gif
If interested please post here and register to Obsidian Portal. I will send an invite to the above site so that you can make a character. I have Game resources in PDF format available upon request for use with my adventure.

Fantasy Grounds: http://www.fantasygro... (http://www.fantasygrounds.com/downloads/)http://img1.meetupstatic.com/img/clear.gif
Since I have an Ultimate License, players that download the software, update it and join into my game(server), there is no license purchase for any and all players. I also use Skype, which is free for Out of Character communication. Fantasy Grounds requires players to type in their actions, which is a part of the application. Fantasy Grounds allows for complete modules, good Role-play and tactical combat all wrapped up into a fast and easy interface. Characters(Players) type out their words and actions and can add emotes to add flavor to their Role-playing. Full color maps, Character tokens and art await would be players who desire to fully immerse themselves into the adventure.

If you have never tried Fantasy Grounds you are missing out. Enjoy your favorite past-time without having to leave the comfort of your home. The Fantasy Grounds Interface is very easy to use and I will run a short tutorial on how to use it. Kith’takharos-The Wild Frontier is a brand new set of adventures created by the guys at www.whitehairedman.com. A village surrounded by danger and a harsh, untamed Swampland that lies upon ancient ruins and mystery. Included are thought provoking puzzles that can be difficult but since I play-tested these adventures myself before they were released I can tell you that they are solvable. More-over this adventure does require people to act and think as if there are consequences to their actions because there are. If this sounds like something you have been missing, join me. I also have resources to run this campaign in person, see below.


Campaign: Kith'takharos-The Wild Frontier.

System: D&D 3.5(Preferred) or Savage Worlds

Type: Face-To-Face RPG

Players: 4-6, However if there are only 3 I will set them up as Gestalt (Gestalt Explanation (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/gestaltCharacters.htm))

Day/Time: Flexible, weekdays 7-10/11 PM est, Weekends earlier is better. Weekly or Bi-weekly.

Location/Transportation: I will take suggestions for the location. I live in Berkley but I am willing to drive if the distance is not to great. I can provide some transportation as well if the distance is not to great. Eventually however as we get to know each other I am not above hosting a game in my home.

Website you will need to join: Kith'takharos-The Wild Frontier (http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/kith-takharos-the-wild-frontier) If you wish to join my campaign, please say so here or by email and I will invite you to the site so that you can make a character.

I have a game in which I would like to GM but it requires 4-6 people who wish to make new friends and who have the free-time to partake in their favorite past-time. I realize that sometimes you join a game only to find that its not what you were looking for. Please do not sign up if you at the very least, are not capable of committing to a weekly or bi-weekly long running event. Most combat will be on flat mats with Miniatures or Tokens.