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07-18-2011, 02:20 PM
Are you a Pathfinder player in Northern California (SF Bay Area)?
Have you wanted to try Pathfinder Organized Play?

Hello Gamer Nation!

I am the regional coordinator for Paizo's Organized Play Program in Northern California and I'd like to invite you to my Home Lodge for a session of Pathfinder Society play! We meet every Tuesday night @ 6 pm and muster between 3-4 tables each night. We play a wide variety of level tiers each night, so everyone gets to game! New player friendly environment, hosted by the BEST game store in the entire region!

I also produce & co-host the only dedicated Pathfinder Podcast in the biz!
Chronicles Pathfinder Podcast (http://www.pathfinder-podcast.com)
We're nominated for an Ennie.
If you like what you hear, gives us your support by voting for us in the Best Podcast Category!
Voting Booth open 'til 08/24/2011 (http://www.ennie-award.com/vote/)

Need to know more?
Pathfinder Society (http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety)
Bay Area Pathfinder Society (http://bayareapathfinder.com/)
Black Diamond Games (http://www.blackdiamondgames.com/)
Azmyth (at) d20radio.com