View Full Version : Pathfinder-Carrion Crown AP

07-17-2011, 11:55 AM
We are a group of 4 friendly adults that meet in the home of a group member. We run other games besides Pathfinder but have recently decided to run this adventure path. If you are currently without a group and are looking for one to call home, we can currently take up to 3. The home we meet in is a comfortable environment, the owner lives there alone so very little interruptions. We are looking for some long term members so if this seems like something for you contact me: Rob, deaconabyss@gmail.com or Joe, jmagish@gmail.com.

I can not find a Player's Guide to post for the AP. We can give more required information, to those showing interest. I run AP's RAW and make adjustments for increased number of players as needed. It looks like we are using a 15 pt buy, the AP's are generally scaled to this buy so don't fret. I allow the "Core Rulebook" and the "Advanced Player's Guide", we do not use 3rd party materials. The "Ultimate Magic" material is a case by case basis, I will not give it a complete thumbs down but I do not want constant rules questioning slowing down play. We are looking to start this coming Saturday, July 23 2011 we will be accepting players after said date I will scale your character into the AP if needed.