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07-17-2011, 12:10 AM
Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted:

July 17, 2011: What Are You Looking At? (http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archives.html?m=July&y=2011&d=17)

I'm sometimes far too easily amused. How else would you explain my fascination with Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/)? Anyway, we're not here to discuss my peculiarities, so I'll just point out that the following ten pages on our website were the ones that you visited the most over the past thirty days. I'm genuinely surprised at how many Illuminati pages appear in this list. What is this, some sort of conspiracy or something?</p>
Steve Jackson Games homepage (http://sjgames.com/)
Politics Explained (http://sjgames.com/illuminati/politics.html)
Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy (http://sjgames.com/illuminati/)
Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator (http://sjgames.com/ill/)
GURPS: Generic Universal Roleplaying System (http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/)
Munchkin Card Games (http://worldofmunchkin.com/cardgame/)
Steve Jackson Games: Our Games (http://sjgames.com/ourgames/)
50 Awful Things About The Illuminati (http://sjgames.com/illuminati/50awful.html)
Illuminati: New World Order (http://sjgames.com/inwo/)
Steve Jackson Games: Where To Buy Our Stuff (http://www.sjgames.com/store/)

-- Phil Reed (phil@sjgames.com)</p>