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Evil Nosferatu
07-16-2011, 01:19 AM
The city of Mountain’s Heart is located in the carved out base of a mountain within the country of Ugartmeade. Originally this mountain home was internalized within the mountain halls of the Glittergold Dwarf Clan. The city’s original name was translated to the common tongue as Golden Heart of the Mountain and eventually it was shortened over the years. The history of this city is of great wealth and numbers as gold was considered a highly precious metal and found in great abundance in this mountain along with copper, iron, steel, silver, mithril, and adamant. Gems were also in great abundance and the city had to fight off many who laid siege upon them for the dwarfs’ wealth. On more than one occasion the clan had to request the aid of outsiders in defending their homes, something they were loathe in doing.

Until a time of great evil that spread across the world brought about by the gods of darkness and decay who fought against the gods of light. The world was the plaything of the gods who used mortals for their pawns in order to obtain the upper hand. The world was ravaged and these dwarves along with other clans in other parts of the world saw that their world below was to be besieged from the undead creatures created above for the war, and the creatures from the abyss below. They had little choice but to offer aid to the surface dwellers in order to survive. For the Glittergold Clan there was no greater honor than the chance to pay back many kindnesses. Even some of their old enemies, dragons or minions from the deep, joined in the struggle against the undead for all realized the peril of their time. When the city was changed to become a fortress worthy of such an inexhaustible enemy in those dark times the many diverse creatures of relative and above intellect fought hard for their lives. In the end they outlasted the legions of the dead who rotted to pieces or were destroyed by an onslaught of arcane might mingled with siege technology.

After all the smoke cleared the people of differing races remained in the mountain. Some creatures left of their own accord peaceably; unable to remain in the presence of those they considered food or less. Though many stayed and the dwarves, also dwindled in number, thought that it was best to not allow such a travesty again. The Glittergold clan may be one of the only dwarves that allowed those they fought with to stay, but honor guides their hearts and it came to pass that a council was formed to rule the city, the high seat to always belong to a dwarf of the Glittergold Clan.

Race/Class: I expect a strange range of player character choices. Limitations based upon canon rules systems.

Player Expectations:
- I expect that you will be courteous to all other players including myself and be respectful of decisions made. Disagreements can be made via private messaging rather than clogging up game sessions (minor disputes being an exception.)

-I have an open door policy and if you want to have certain things happen in game or to your character then please discuss them with me.

-Have short and long term goals for your character.

-Character histories are a must. I do not expect a novel.

Current Players: Vitali - Fighter

07-16-2011, 04:46 PM
I'm interested.
Could we get some more details on how things are starting? The background is nicely done, but what about how we are starting?
How are you on homebrew?

07-16-2011, 05:32 PM
I'm interested.
Could we get some more details on how things are starting? The background is nicely done, but what about how we are starting?
How are you on homebrew?

I had the same question as well as what time you were thinking of running it on Thursday

Evil Nosferatu
07-17-2011, 05:19 PM
Wow I need to edit it, I haven't looked at it in a while. Hahahahahahaha. Thank you for the interst. I'm going to say at this point a time will be set later, but it will be evening at some point. Possibly late evening based on eastern time. I'm thinking something like a start time between 7-10 and a run time of 3-4 hours each game. I'll have a more precise time when I get more players.

The start of the game will involve different prologues that I'll work with you individually to get the characters in the same spot and onto the same sort of goal, or at least goals that coincide with one another long enough to hopefully add your own personal cohesion.

The game itself will entertain dungeon dives below the city, through the city, and in the wilderness outside the fortress city. I will also try to throw in some intrigue involving the leaders of the city and how they're trying to keep everything running smoothly with all the hodgepodge of permanent visitations.

Homebrew... Case by case. I discourage it. Please message me privately with details.