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07-15-2011, 11:38 PM
Hi there!

I'm running an old-school mega-dungeon crawl using the Wayfarers RPG (elegant D&D simulacrum but not a clone) with the ScreenMonkey virtual table (simple, free, and plays right off your Internet browser) and Skype.

We are still looking for 2 or 3 more foolhardy adventurers to explore the depths of the infamous Stonehell dungeon (based on Michael Curtis' work).

Follow this link (http://yeoldegamingcompanye.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=997&start=0) for details.


08-18-2011, 11:04 PM
We are looking for 1 or 2 replacement players (cleric or rogue types would be preferred but not imposed) for our young campaign (see link above for details).

Just to give an idea, here's a recap of our first game session :

Present :

Baldern String III (1st level Gnome Rogue/Illusionist) played by Giggles
Thanos Lightbringer (1st level Dwarf Priest of Kithain) played by crawford, leaving for schedule reasons
Savonte (1st level Human Ranger) played by sgtnob
Lviero Eqneu (1st level Goblin Rogue) played by pdubeu, leaving for schedule reasons

Absent :

Caul "Shivers" Tenway (1st level Cambion Fighter) played by Logicmage
Xendari Skyfire (1st level Cambion Wizard) played by dnd_dad

Episode I recap :

Having left Torsche's Last Chance inn at dawn, the party had traveled all 15 miles of the old well-known but neglected road cutting through marshlands into the foothills of the mountain chain overlooking the Ered Wastes. Steep cliffs and tall peaks loomed beyond overhead. At dusk, they arrived at the mouth of a narrow box canyon cloaked in gloom that housed the crumbling fortified curtain wall and gatehouse which once barred access to the infamous Stonehell dungeon. Large gaps into the 25 feet high wall and the gatehouse's rotten doors and rusty portcullises now led them to its entrance.

While Savonte was searching for recent tracks and Thanos the dwarf was inspecting the weathered structure's integrity, Baldern studied some of half-erased graffities which covered the wall. As Lviero was prompting Baldern to find some information about the location of hidden treasure, the gnome was able to decipher the following ominous message : "The dead are not quiet in Stonehell. I saw Rhaulk beckoning me down a passageway the night after he was killed. I dared not follow him then, but I've returned to rescue his shade from Stonehell's grasp." Baldern copied the text and went his way.

The party then cautiously engaged themselves through one if the wall's large rubble filled gaps, their advance covered by Lviero with his readied crossbow. Thanos nearly lost his balance and tripped upon stepping on a round rock lying on the ground.

They entered the canyon, a natural defile averaging 150 feet in width and narrowing as it extended to the west nestled between limestone walls that rised 200 feet into the air. The floor of the canyon was grassy meadow, interrupted by upward-jutting spurs of rock and small stands of pine trees. The sound of falling water carried from the west and intermitted droplets of moisture were born upon the breeze. A number of cave mouths were visible on the walls of the canyon : some natural, some man-made. Within the walls of the canyon were several ruined buildings, their tumbled stone walls and rotten timbers overgrown with weeds and covered with drifts of fallen leaves. Due to time and exposure to the elements, the original purpose of these buildings were impossible to discern.

The canyon entrance appeared eerily silent and deserted except for a curious rabbit which greeted the party's arrival. As the goblin, Lviero, considered feasting on the rabbit, Baldern was drawing a map of their surroundings, Savonte was setting camp for the night, Thanos went to investigate the opening of a man-made cave on the northern wall of the canyon.

The dwarf could make out a distant red glow flickering on the walls of the stone-walled room otherwise plunged in darkness. He was soon joined by Lviero and Baldern while Savonte remained behind. With his infravision Lviero could make out a mildewed door in the back of the room. As he entered the room and approached the door, he noticed a message written in glowing red light on one of the walls which his companions could not see. The entranced but illiterate goblin stared at the words but could not make out their meaning. He also noticed that the source of the flickering red light actually originated from a passageway leading deeper in the cave.

As Baldern perceived the sound of cracking bones and searing flesh coming from this passageway, Thanos cautiously peeked around the corner and saw a giant beetle (which Baldern recognized to be a fire beetle), glowing red and busy devouring a baby goat. As the adventurers readied their weapons, Thanos whistled to capture the creature's attention. The oversized insect responded by deploying its wings in an attempt to strike a menacing posture.

The swift goblin first shot his crossbow at the surprised creature but the bolts missed and struck the stone wall behind it. Without hesitation, the dwarf charged the beetle maul in hand, screaming "FOR THARKENGE!" his homeland and struck it. The strike dented the giant bug's shell but it still had some fight left in it as it replied with a vicious bite with its mandibles. As the creature's searing hot saliva burned Thanos as if by fire, Baldern without even a second thought ran up to his comrade and acrobatically jumped, using the dwarf's shoulders as a springboard to reach his target but his dagger unfortunately missed its mark.

Impressed by the gnome's acrobatics, Lviero reloaded his crossbow, shot another bolt which screeched by Thanos' ear and also missed its intended target. The beetle appeared to be furious at Baldern's bold actions and attacked him without success. In turn, the gnome successfully mounted the beast and stabbed it through the head with his dagger. The creature fell to the ground lifeless as its red glow rapidly faded.

The adventurers then headed back to the cave's entrance room. Baldern carefully proceeded to opening the door and peeked in the room behind it. It was filled with what appeared to be rotten crates, barrels, and clothing. Thanos moved down another corridor to a communicating room, his maul still firmly in hand. An old camp fire site stood in the middle of the room. He was soon joined by Lviero who looked through the broken bottles, discarded ration wrappings, and litter in search of some shiny stuff but didn't find anything through all the junk laying around. As Thanos also searched the room unsuccessfully, he kicked a pile of litter in disappointment from which he noticed an odd looking piece of chalk rolling out. Baldern picked it up and tried to draw a circle with it on the wall. Lviero saw the circle glowing red while his companions did not.

Remembering the glowing text of the cave's first room, the party returned to the entrance and had Lviero draw the words he saw in the floor's dirt with his finger. Baldern made out the following message : "R. - As agreed, the jewels await you two levels down in the chamber past the acolyte's cells. How you deal with the wasps is your own concern!" which he also copied on his parchment. All three of them then exited the cave and headed west in the canyon.

As they moved among the ruined buildings, they noticed another natural cave perched 60 feet up the steep canyon cliff. Both the agile gnome and goblin proceeded to climb the canyon wall up to the cave's mouth while Thanos stayed on its floor, investigating the lichen-covered statue of the god Aguierre kneeling on one knee, head bowed among the ruins of one of the old buildings. From their vantage point on the cliff, Baldern and Lviero saw the rest of the canyon with its other cave openings, ruins, more abundant trees and they could make out a waterfall coming out of the canyon's northern wall. As they enjoyed the view, the cave mouth behind them exuded a vile smell mixture of a wild animal and some carrion.

09-04-2011, 07:27 PM
To anyone interested, there is still one spot left in the party.

Present :

Baldern String III (1st level Gnome Rogue/Illusionist) played by Giggles
Caul "Shivers" Tenway (1st level Cambion Fighter) played by Logicmage
Kram (1st level Human Rogue) played by Kram
Merkav al-Kithaini (1st level Half-Orc Priest of Kithain) played by Merkav

Lurking :

Xendari Skyfire (1st level Cambion Wizard) played by dnd_dad

Episode II recap :

After having scouted the rest of the canyon from his vantage point near a cave entrance perched on the northern cliff wall, Baldern went off to camp for the night. After a frugal meal, he went off to sleep, disturbed by feverish dreams. He woke up the next morning and discovered that his companions had mysteriously vanished, leaving him alone in the canyon's mouth.

Undeterred, he carried on completing his map of the area as another party of adventurers cautiously emerged from the passageway lined with arrow slits which serves as the gatehouse wall's main entrance. The passageway was once blocked by two great iron-bound doors which have long since been battered down and now lie on the ground before the entrance as well as rusted portcullises which no longer bar the way.

The party approached the gnome, who absorbed by his map, did not pay attention to their arrival. Merkav first broke the silence by introducing himself in his most solemn tone. Distracted, Baldern jumped at the sound of the half-orc's voice. Kram and Caul soon joined Merkav and, after introducing themselves, inquired Baldern about his current predicament. The gnome readily recollected the events that occurred since his arrival the previous day and shared what information he gathered about the area. Interested at the prospect of benefiting from the gnome's knowledge, the party invited the Baldern to join them in their expedition.

Baldern leading the way, they decided to investigate an entrance to a corridor leading inside the northern wing of the gatehouse. Kram then volunteered to sneak in the passageway past hinges that suggest that it was once closed off by an iron door. The rogue could make out that the dimly lit corridor, littered with dirt and dead leaves, branched out North at it's mid-section. Two rotten wood doors could also be seen. Kram gave his cue to signal that all appeared to be safe and his companions followed, Baldern mapping as he moved along.

As he proceeded behind Kram, Caul's fine ear caught on muffled noises of laughter resonating from behind the northern stone wall. Kram then carefully moved on to the branching corridor, saw a door leading to a room from which appeared to originate the laughter and an iron ladder set into the wall at the end of the corridor that rose 12 feet to an iron-bound wooden trapdoor set in the ceiling.

The adventurers stopped by the door and checked if it was locked or trapped but did not perceive anything unusual other than the dismal smell that came from under it. As they pondered if they should knock and enter the room quietly or erupt with weapons in hand, Merkav put an end to the debate by flinging the door open, sling in hand, as he implored Kithain for protection. He happened to interrupt the meal of five goblins who were dining on the rotting remains of a deer carcass around a wood table near a crude fire pit. As Baldern felt sick to his stomach with Caul giving him a hard look, Merkav stood frozen in the doorway almost as surprised as the goblins who dropped their "utensils". After a moment of hesitation Merkav put his sling aside and reached for his maul as the goblins also scrambled for their own weapons.

Kram swiftly moved passed his half-orc companion both short swords in hands and reached the closest goblin. He swung his first sword over the short statured goblin's head but managed to stab his foe in the arm as he scrambled to reach his own short sword. The cambion warrior then pushed past Baldern, drew his sword and slashed at another goblin who did not see the blade coming until it was planted in his stomach, seriously injuring him but leaving him still breathing. In turn, the goblin struck by Kram tried to retaliate but without success.

Merkav then charged into the room, invoking his patron deity's name and swung his maul at the goblin on the other side of the table but only managed to heavily strike the table in front of him. Although his attack failed, the half-orc's courage still inspired his companions. As blows were exchanged, the two goblins in front of Merkav both struck him as he was trying the regain his balance after his failed attack and injured him to the brink of unconsciousness.

Kram then replied to avenge his companion, and severely injured his foe. Bleeding profusely, he attempted to run for his life but Baldern drop kicked the fleeing goblin in the back as he went passed him and snapped his spine. As Caul mowed through his enemies with both broadsword and shield, trying to close the distance between him and his injured friend, Merkav fell to the ground using the table as cover against his attackers and prayed to Kithain to tap upon her healing power.

Just as the battle's outcome appeared uncertain, Kram managed to turn its tide by slaying an opponent. Merkav followed by casting a spell to persuade two of the remaining goblins that the third wanted to switch sides and turn against them. One of them fell to the enchantment's effect and cried : "You traitor, after all that we've gone through against the orcs!" as the others looked at him incredulous.

Baldern then also cast a spell of his own and his fingers lit up in illusionary fire and shot flames at the other goblins. One of them fell rolling on the floor as he believed to be engulfed in flames while the other was left standing, merely seared at the wave of his hand, although his luck ran out as Kram cut him up into ribbons in a whirlwind of blades.

The persuaded goblin looked at Kram wide eyed as he moved up to him, trying to appear friendly. He put his arm around him and, just as the goblin felt relieved, Kram slit his throat to finish him off. The party retrieved 20 silver coins from the goblins' bodies and Kram took the copper nose ring worn by the goblin he summarily executed. Merkav channeled his healing magic to tend at some of his wounds while the battered party barred the room's door and set camp for the night.

To be continued...

09-05-2011, 07:59 AM
I would be interested in playing, but my schedule is probably going to be hard to work around. I work retail, so odd hours. I am off 2 days a week, but they change. My workweek runs Wednesday to Tuesday the following week, and get my schedule on Tuesday for the next week. So, most likely no way I can commit to same time, same day every week. I can play every week, and can probably request to be off on game days, but unless other party members/DM are flexible and ale to play a somewhat random schedule it probably won't work.

I have played quite a bit of D&D, never Wayfarers, and it's been a few years since I played.


09-05-2011, 09:16 AM

Our games are usually held on Friday nights but Saturdays may also be available. We schedule them in between sessions in order to allow as many players as possible to participate. Although the campaign was planned to be played once every 2 weeks, the actual frequency is currently closer to once every 3 weeks. It's somewhat challenging to meet the schedule restrictions of 5 to 7 adult gamers. The games are therefore likely to continue to be held on Fridays or Saturdays as it appears to accommodate the current bunch of players.